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10 Rupee Coin

10 Rupee Coin

2 mins 10.4K 2 mins 10.4K

Aeroplane was landing on the soil of Mumbai. Riddhi was pretty excited. Her hands were shivering as her flight was coming down to land. It was not flying phobia at all. It was the feeling of coming back to own roots. Riddhi came back to India after 2 years. This was a long time for her in between she felt her family only on computer screen and her cellphone.

Now it was time to meet all of them. She bought lots of gifts for everyone. After all she was an earning girl. US were never the cup of tea for her but requirement of money bound her to go there. But today she was back to India having a big sum in her account.

As she came out of airport, a bunch of auto drivers were in rush to choose their passengers. Few were trying to impress Riddhi too, but she picked an old man to be her driver home. Now it was time to discuss the amount of money to have the auto. Old man was stuck to 200 but Riddhi wanted to give 190.

After thinking a while old man agreed. Riddhi was imagining about the facial expressions of her Mom, Dad and every one in her family when she will knock at the door.

Her visualization was broken with heavy voice of auto driver. "What will you buy from this Rs.10 you are going to save from me?" He asked. "Excuse me" Riddhi wasn't expecting such question from old man. Old man again repeated the question.

Next 5 minutes there were no conversation between Riddhi and old driver. She was still thinking about his question. She was thinking about the reasons due to which a 70 year old man is driving an auto. She was imaging the scene when this old man would have knocked the door and her wife will open the door. She was creating some dialogues between him and his wife.

Again her day dream was broken by his rotten voice. "Here is your destination my child." She took her baggage and in murmuring voice she said old man, "Sir, here it is your Rs.200 "

Old man smiled and searched something in his pocket. It was a 10 rupee coin. He put this coin onto her hand and turned back to his auto.

She kept staring at him till he disappeared on the road and still imagining the dialogues when his wife would open the door.

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