World,and our Success Etc

World,and our Success Etc

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Beginning of the motherless world?

Scientists conspiring

To make babies

From cells

The skin deep,

No more mothers calling

Children will call 'cell'

Instead of mom.

When they slip, fall or feel hungry

No one will have mother,

Neither Maxim Gorky's

Nor just Oliver's twists,

We will celebrate 'cell day'

Instead of mother's day.

Sacrificial image of mother

Will be wide shut,

What will happen to much loved

Mother Teresa?

No more deliberate or delicate


Of not calling your mother.

Mother Earth will be

Cell earth

Mother of all battles will be

Cell of all battles,

Mother of all inventions will be

Cell of all inventions,

No lab report will chide

Your mother

For your messed up life.

Motherly properties in

Charles Darwin's evolution

Will be unimportant

Nothing good or bad

Will be inconceivable,

There will be only

Cell kind

No man

No woman

No mankind, help!

Success and happiness

Success is ability

To be happy

And make many

Others happy,

It’s ability

To love

And be loved.

To remain in

Peace and harmony

With yourself

And your inner own self,

With most of those

Around us

And with God's

Easy bus.

You can win

Over everyone

And every situation

With love,

Sometimes you would

Look fragile

And sometimes

So docile.

But there's nothing

In this world

And in your life

You cannot win

Or overcome

With your slow

But steady

And ever so

Lovely guile.

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