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Aanchal Jain



Aanchal Jain


Where Is The Light?

Where Is The Light?

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Love, joy & peace

Is the essence of life.

I feel it at my best,

When I connect with that light.


The divine,


Or higher energy,

Whatever you can name,

But, the truth remains the same.

It's no where outside,

But, within me,

When I simply BE.

Just in the moment,

Feeling my breadth,

As I peeped inside,

I saw a new depth.

Halting my thoughts to juggle,

Emotions from struggle.

Internet to stop,

Distractions to block.

All the noises & glitters,

Media's chatter-chitters.

Quick formulas to earn,

I let them all burn.

Cravings for fame,

The power to blame,

I knew, it's all a game.

As I went deeper,

Answers came quicker.

Knowing that all,

Made my heart flicker.

When I opened my eyes,

There was darkness too bright.

Truly, humans are lighter inside.

We are the next generation,

We say with pride,

But tell me where is the light?

Rising crime,

Angry people in line.

Politicians taking bribe,

Killing their tribe.

Tell me where is the light?

Impure water,

Drugged food,

Air hard to breathe,

Kids smoke up weed,

Rising depression,

Truth in suppression,

Women unsafe,

Humans running a rat race,

Children hide inside,

In fear of being a victim outside,

Tell me where is the light?


A damn dark glare,

Each one has to wear,

To be a part of this fair.

Is this a reality?

Or an illusion?

People need to know the truth,

And end this delusion.

It's not about being a saint,

I myself ain't.

All the needs & desires,

Burning them into fires,

Meditating in seclusion,

Hoping body & God's fusion.


It's another delusion.

Money, fame & pride,

Isn't the purpose of human life.

Tell me honestly,

Is this a quality life?


Is where the answer reside.

The secret of fulfilment,

Lies in a BALANCE,

Achieving that,

Is real brilliance.

It's a connection between the two,

The world and the real you.

However fast we run,

Or reach the moon,

We will still be temporary beings,

Who can end in a boom!

For humanity to flourish again,

We need to go back,

Where we all began.

The purity of life,

Or the real essence,

The true beauty & love,

& experiencing it's presence.

Words like these,

Sounds so nice,

It's possible to follow them too,

If we get a little wise.

Wiser to understand,

who we truly are?

& why we are here?

We need to halt,

& breath in some air.

Hear our own magic,

Feel our core,

Then see the world naked,

Throwing that dirty glare we wore.

Change does happen,

But, not overnight,

It might take a while,

As life is a long ride.

Once you peep in,

And see your light,

Never let the worldly darkness,

Cover your beautiful side.

Change begins with one spark,

That's YOU,

Whole humanity will shine again,

It has started with few.

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