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siva bhavana

Abstract Others Children


siva bhavana

Abstract Others Children

Went to Paris

Went to Paris

2 mins 163 2 mins 163

I went to Paris

The viewer is ecstatic

Many, many images

Were a feast for the eyes

A famine-stricken branch

Tangled like silk

As used

It was green

Train trips

Standing on top of the Eiffel Tower

Without blinking the light of night

Looking down

Honestly in my mind

The temple festival is also pouring

In the mind of the bell

Shaded ....

What a secret in the ear

Say that ....

His rejuvenation fades

Still in my eye.....

I studied in a Tamil school

Napoleon's victory curve

Where is my son to tame

In a series of journeys towards it

Names of Heroes

Engraved on the wall

The flame as an unquenchable flame

Heartburn once

Twelve junctions

Circle around that curve

The majestic eye-catching view

Gives art

Knight in my mind's eye ....

After the death of Napoleon

He was named

That success curve

Symbol of heroism .....

A trip to the city of Disney

Of the European Andapuram

In the middle of the beautiful mansion

Colored peacocks spread their wings

Beauty treats are delightful

From the youngest to the oldest

But of Indian princesses

Ingita dance is also worn by Sikhs in turbans

Special beating beat

Donal Duck's Anna walks

Reminiscent of the Battle of Suran

Mind boggling

That city swallowed up the whole day

Completed unfinished

Need some more day...

A day of theft in the country of viewing

Professional city hellish life

Traveling with us without us knowing

When the phone was stolen into my phone ....

Let our eyes glaze over

To shout in his language that the thief is the thief

Fold it with your fingers

Taken by the astonished Patten

Walk slowly and quietly

After telling the police the reason

We moved with confusion on the trail ....

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