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She sat there.Looking at the mirror.
A tear drop rolling down her cheeks -

Heart - wrenching heart breaks,

Dark days,Unrequited love,
Stabbed in the middle of her heart: Multiple times !!
Cheated on,Used,Lied to,Betrayed.

Yet here she was -Looking at the mirror -
Fully dressed. White one piece. Flowers. Makeup.
A tear drop cleansing her soul.

Yes, she was getting married.
To the man of her dreams.
Love has never been so true, said she.
She didn't give up hope back then.
And here she was today.

True love exists.All you need is -
Patience and optimism.
You dont just pick it up from the roadside.
You get hurt. You wait.
You wait some more. Cry some more.
Tear your hairs. Cut your hands.
And then you find that glowing
Light at the end of the tunnel:
Only then you realize how you've been
Chasing the distance -
When all you needed was the light !!
And yeah, you dont find love.
It finds you !

"If you're brave enough to say goodbye,
Life will reward you with 
A new hello!"

" ...... the bride may kiss the groom........"


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