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Ankita Das

Abstract Tragedy Others


Ankita Das

Abstract Tragedy Others



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You want me to obey your hard shoe soles,

You yearn me to be dictated by your sceptre tools.

Never could you understand, what,

Actually, I want it.

Can you never feel exactly,

About sad melancholic mind?

Women say patriarchy is egoistic,

Always busy in being male-centric.

But I believed that my daddy is all altruistic.

So, I asked myself,

Is that for me?

Sadly, a big NO it is.

Society asks to define matriarchy's 'No'?

Well, that's a rigid statement itself, all adorned with,

A specific distinction of its own.

All clubbed in just two letters.

Extermination camp is now my heart,

And me, living with it just like a combating Jew.

Here, women are not supposed to 

Take forward the legacy of the fam.

But, absolutely can a man, all with his pride.

Peace abandons me every time

And I am sitting here like

A fool, only hurdling, and marching,

Keeping up the battle just to be alive.

With a question always lingering in my mind,

Do I even have any place of my own to go?

Only can I wish to run and run forth.

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