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2 mins

I read the book backward,

To a place so familiar yet distant,

Must have been a dream, for I walked through the gates,

Now covered with twines,

The path that led to my home, which once boasted of


Nature had made its abode,

In an insidious and parasitic way,

It had taken over my paradise,

My home, my abode, the place which holds so many memories.

Like magic or a tooth fairy granting me one wish,

It was yesterday once more,

Mother sitting, knitting in the winter sun,

My three dogs leaping towards me,

And me, the same reckless and security of youth,

The music of the past had been granted,

For a brief second, to relive, as if by mercy,

The Lord seeing my nostalgic ache.

My room, the table which held so many sleepless nights,

For the exams, my music player, shining as always,

The cassettes once lost, playing my favourite songs,

My books, each holding a specific event, so vivid,

Olfactory senses never lost, only missing in time,

All was granted, for the unforgettable raptures,

To relive once more.

Back in time, I stared at the ruins of the house,

Nothing remained, save what I imagined or remembered,

But unforgettable will they be,

Till I touch the ground, and feel,

My parents, myself and the new life,

Merging once again,

Somewhere beyond the last blue mountains,

I again had a longing for life,

With love and a wisdom,

That happy was I it happened,

No tears should fall since it’s over.

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