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The Sacred Thread Of Love

The Sacred Thread Of Love

1 min

Life has come full circle between 

You and me,

Growing up years, I took the lead or so I thought,

Now as grown ups you are in the lead, I follow,

You have now all the qualities that define maturity,

Trust me, you are a sister everyone would be proud of,

I remember those years when we were growing up,

You were told not to play with boys,

But you defied their dictat, showed them you were always in front,

I was told to take care of you being a girl,

But sometimes, I was left wondering who was taking care of whom,

But were always together you and me

Now you have surpassed everyone,

Reached the pinnacle of your life,

No more mountains to climb no more summit to conquer,

No more roads to trek, no more goals,

I am proud of you as I was then, more so for today,

Is Rakshabandhan, a day when you

Tie sacred thread around my wrist,

I would like to gift you, a token of our love,

From our childhood, preserved it all these


The gold chain which Dad gave me you coveted it,

Today on this special occassion It's yours

To wear,

A reminder of our beautiful bond of being siblings,

An emotion only this festival can evoke,

When understanding the meaning of, this symbolic thread of love.

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