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Bharath Kumar



Bharath Kumar


The Power Of Imagination

The Power Of Imagination

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A man's creativity is honed by imagination

Ideas and inventions are sowed by the seeds of imagination

Imagination is built by the strength of solitude

Imagination is an art of finding inner solace

Imagination is a gift that empowers and enlightens our mind

Imagination is a powerful force that grabs your undivided attention

Creativity is manufactured by imagination

Imagination is manufactured by thoughts

Thoughts are manufactured by the mind

Introspection time to understand us

Mind magical power to manufacture tomorrow

Acknowledging the beauty and power of nature

Genius way of implementing your thoughts

Intuitive power to predict the future

Never compromising your mind power

Adept thinking power to shape the future

Thoughtful adventure to your inner world

Inner power to create the outer world

An outpouring of intellectual thoughts

Nursing and expanding your mind horizons

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