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Venkatesh R

Abstract Drama Classics


Venkatesh R

Abstract Drama Classics

The Nomenclature

The Nomenclature

1 min 215 1 min 215

The drips of tears fall,

As the white office turns black,

The rays turned dusky, with a brawl.


The convoy wiles swiftly,

As the swat, of the unusual guest, 

Strengthens, the voyage continued, 

With emotional passengers thrift.


The terrain of the concealed realm,

Revealed the lush, and denizens,

While enacting the waving hands, 

Of strange kids, triggered a whelm.


The invisible scuffles of the pure

Created the art with the dirt,

As the memories of mine took a detour.


The dynamo gained speed,

While the downpour kindled, the knead.

I was lost in the elegant trance,

Thou my eyes embarked the stance.


The arches, with the murky burrows,

The ranches with furrows,

The deities of the fragile hamlet,

A small factory of a mallet,

The sibling's views of the crest,

The sights of birds, erecting their nest.

The street exhibits, of famine clown,

The ruined institutes, with 

Students frown.

The active bio-lumen, of the crisp woods.

With a compartment of active, vagrants 

Fastened to the silicon hood.


The trek revealed a secret, 

The diversity in the vast nation, 

United with unique sequins, 

Itself an identity.


Hearken and observe nature, 

At least for few days in the year, 

Without the following every day 

Life's nomenclature.

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