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Heeloly Upasani



Heeloly Upasani


The Moment I Have Never Forget

The Moment I Have Never Forget

2 mins

He moment I have

Never forget is that

When I see proud for

Me in the eyes of my

Parents when I reach

My success. I was happy

But my parents were very

Much happy then me.

I was thinking that from

The time when I was born

Till today my parents has

Done so many things for

Me like when I want

Something they give me,

When I hurt something

They had encourage me

That if you are strong

Then you don't cry.

Sometimes when my

Marks became low at

School they have said me

That in real life there is

No need of time and no

One will listen that how

Much marks you have

Got everyone will see

That you have remembered

That thing or not. If not

They will he has just

Memorize that or you

Have understand. So marks

Are not important just you

Have to see this that

You understand that or not.

When I finish my graduation

My parents help me and

Support me for to get my

Success. My parents are

My back bone. So why

Should I scold them in

Any matter. The God have

Give me the chance to

Became there back bone

At there elder and don't

Send them in any of the

Organisation that take

Care of our parents.

I have just one question for

You that why this type of

Organisation have to be

Open by the government?

I have the got the answer

That there children are

Not that much capable to

Take care of there parents.

The children have not think

That when the parents were

Not capable they have to

Send there child to the

Orphanage. When there

Is not enough food to eat

Parents don't eat but they

Give it to there children. There

Are so many things that make

You realise that how much things

Has parents sacrifice for their

Children. So please be the

Back bone of the parents because

This is the biggest success of

Our life to take care of parents

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