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The Lost Dream

The Lost Dream

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Neither the sky spoke true

nor the sun was loyal .

There was red all around.

The red was of anger,

The red was cruel,

The  red has brute too.

And there was the  mom

who fainted there.

The nurses took all the care

The bleeding mom knew the truth.

The hurting truth to hear.


She had dreamt not once

but counted every day.

She dreamt of a little touch,

tender touch to care,

‘Boy’ or ‘Girl’ she never thought

She just dreamt a child so true.


The dream came true

And it grew in her womb

she turned with beauty

and the glamour of pride

with the weeks which flew.


But the glee turned red

with certain anger then

Family peeped into the dream,

The dream turned dark,

When they found the girl,

They lost their nerve .

The doctor came ,

The budding girl was killed

and with her lost all the dream.

The dream of dozing mom,

The dream of months .

The dream of years were gone.


The red eyes

The rolling eyes

wanted a man for society

Thus the mom failed .

Thus the love failed .

A mother failed to the monsters

The red of anger bled of pain. 



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