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Puneet Singhal



Puneet Singhal


The Girl In Floral Dress

The Girl In Floral Dress

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On a bright sunday afternoon 
Roaming in the market in search of mushroom

I was about to reach when I saw a girl

her skin was white

golden hair with curls

I didn‘t stop but my heart did 
I rushed behind a car and hid 
Through the window I gazed as she walked 
her lips like rose as sweet she talked

In floral yellow dress she shined so bright 
she stole away my heart's limelight 
but in the next moment I was in sheer fright as car drove away and I was at her sight

She looked at me and I saw her smile and I froze at least for a while 
She took a step ahead, I took one behind, my heart pounding hard about to grind

She spoke "hello" and there was silence on my part 
she stood there for me to start 
and after a minute she started to depart Still frozen I was left with broken heart. 

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