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Shwetanjali Srivastava



Shwetanjali Srivastava


The Art Of Life !!

The Art Of Life !!

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The life is an Art, without an eraser,

We are the canvas and "He" is the painter

His every brush stroke is so well defined....

What seems to us as sorrow, later becomes a divine.....

"He" is such an eminent artist, with whom no one can compare

The colorful streaks of sunset and sketching rainbow in the air.

His shades are so contrasting which highlights the life as Mirage...

For some its an abstract and for some its a collage.....

His paintings are the silent poetries which unfold our lives,

But when "He" decides to speak, we acquire the array of archives.

We all are the Masterpieces of that great artist...

When "God" is in the midst, defeat doesn't exist.....

So, our life is an art and "He" is the painter

We are the canvas and "He" doesn't need an eraser...

He doesn't need an eraser....

He doesn't need an eraser.....

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