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Terror At School

Terror At School

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Students with grim faces

walked in through our school doors;

A cohesive silence,

Signaled the arrival of Monday morning.

We did not know

that as the doors closed,

Our fates were sealed forever.

My juvenile mind

worried that geometry

would be the day's biggest misery.

But then,

I heard

a piercing and unfamiliar

repetition of bangs in the corridor.

Shrieking screams

echoed terror

and blended with the shattering of glass.

Our puzzled innocent minds

made no sense of the commotion

until about thirty seconds later

when he walked in:

a short figure

with denim jeans that looked oddly familiar

and brown hair

that contrasted the dark mask

that covered his face.

A gun in his hand.

He fired at us mercilessly.

My instinct,

I knew what that meant then,

compelled me to fall to the floor

as I watched the friends I loved

get shot.

I saw Jade,

motionless on the floor,

as blood gushed out of her neck.

I wondered if

she had said bye to her father,

a soldier,

who had been away for weeks.

I saw a wounded Matt,

who clenched onto a hole in his leg,

as his body wriggled in pain.

I wondered if

he had said bye to his sister,

who had just graduated

as a lawyer.

I saw footsteps

approach me;

my premature curiosity

caused me to look up.

Our eyes met

and I noticed the tears

forming in his.

The distinct fragrance

that his body emanated

stood out

amidst the smell of blood.

I recognized him

as my ex-lover.

"Please don't do this"

I whispered,

as he shot me

in my chest.

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