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S Suman



S Suman


Story Of Her life

Story Of Her life

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In between green leaves, a small bud peeped out

Heart filled with anxiety

To feel the air outside

To catch the gaze of the sun

To dance along with little butterflies

To listen to the music of new life

Few days later...

With the blinking eyes it gazed out

Glowing pink red petals

Filled with innocence

Adored with blessings of Lord

Eye catching deformation in shapes

Random boundaries and random shades

Pious soul filled with serenity

Answer to all the mystery

Enters in the real world.

Few days later ..

Peeking out of the green buds

Attractive beautiful petals

Decorated with silver balls

Filtering the seven colors of light

Such soothing and peaceful beauty

Had never thought of being plucked out

Each petal being thrown on ground

Eyes got filled with tears

Throat filled with shrill cries

Heart sinking in the ocean of distress

At the end..

Downtrodden by giant sinners

Who broke her apart

And now waiting for another bud to grow.

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