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Speak Now

Speak Now

1 min

I don’t know why we are so different from each other,

Even though we belong to the same race and the same mother.

Being a boy is as hard as stone,

Moving with the water, along a definite course.

To find a definite shape

To hide the truth, behind a smiling face

To find a perfect place in this wreck or a huge menace

To leave an impression

You cannot speak now.

But have to construct a perfect illusion

Take a mask and be fake

In this world, nothing is actually true

The original personalities

Are standing in a long queue

Because the body in which they were,

Too scared to speak now

They are waiting to jump into the ocean

And come back as something which is too false to be true

The silence has become so loud

Because no one actually dares to speak now

At least you can’t hear something foul, but true

At least there’s no one fighting for your crown

And in voices there are rumors

Terrible, and cruel, they form a cluster on your head

You’re coming one step closer

To turning blind each day

Because you are not able to see anything

In that crowd.

We have to speak now, about the truth of life

We have to speak now, to get ourselves through the night

Or else we’ll forever live in a lie

There will be reign of regression sighs

So we have to Speak Now

To break the truth and lie’s wedding vow.

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