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Sukadev Mahanta

Abstract Inspirational


Sukadev Mahanta

Abstract Inspirational

✍on independence Eve✍********

✍on independence Eve✍********

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On fifteenth August 

nineteen hundred Forty seven

 Rose a new sun 

 Above the east horizon.

Long after the sacrifices

In the struggle for Independence.

Being a unique event 

In the history of world

India's freedom movement.

Achieved it by new weapon

 Nothing other than Non violence.

On this Seventy fourth anniversary

It's not time to dance and make merry.

We've to be fast and hurried

To get all violence be burried.

To redefine Independence  

On making us free from selfness.

It's time for redefining freedom

 On going for harmony peace and wisdom.

While cherishing for own rights

 mustn't forget another's benefits.

 We must ensure our rights

We should perform our duties.

We must do our best in our fields

To carry out India to the peak indeed.

We mustn't forget the sacrifices

For the hard earned Independence.

Let's analyze our mistakes

Clearly understand weaknesses.

 Let's follow strictly the shown path

 Rishi Aurobido ,Netaji or Rabindranath.

Raja Rammohunray or Vidyasagar

Mahatma Gandhi or Rammanohar.

Buxi Jagabandhu or Chandan Hajuri

Gopabandhu Jawahar made us free.

Gopalkrishna or Bal Gangadhar

Lala Lajpat or Bipin Chandra.

All have their own dedication

For India's hard earned freedom.

It's time to uphold unity in diversity

Peace harmony fraternity and integrity.

On this Independence Eve

Swear to keep up swear to save.

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