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Divya Sachan



Divya Sachan


Love The Betrayal

Love The Betrayal

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Betrayal, betrayal, everywhere in every tale,

No care, only layers in every tell,

Love the way how it happens,

Mercy in those who play it often,

Noway to avoid this absurd and unspotted dart,

These gamblers are busy in hitting a perfect card

But today bad luck is following till hell

Face of gambler confined millions lie to sell;

But no customer is ready to buy some betrayal.........

Resistance is reduced;

I am ready to fall again and amused

Eye balls are preparing the war, ready to come out of me;

Imbecile fate is chuckling at me

Agony is playing Its own card game..............

But heart is poking to beat high

Not sure how long I will endure by sigh

Soul is leaving my body, in fear;

Vicious goal is set to leave history in shiver,

Dogs are eating the soul forever, and throw you, down to vail......................

Heart is finding the grave to die in tranquility

No hell is empty to keep me as an inmate, or in nobility

Blood is spurting through eyes, can carry the river like kite

As Cheating the faith can't be repaired, after the fight

It left you to burn forever, inside...........

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