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Rashi Mongia

Abstract Inspirational



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Here are few of my lines on "Life"

Life is an unexplained beauty,

Life is a one time opportunity, but even once is enough if you live it right. 

Life is like a flower which blooms one day and dies the other day,

Life is to love, not to hate,

Life is to impress, not to depress,

Life is to forgive, not to punish,

Life is to praise, not to complain,

Life is to be kind, not to be mean,

Life is to be content, not to be greedy,

Life is to be happy, not to be sad.

Life is to make friends, not enemies,

The way you live should be like a lamp, which lightens up the darkroom with its ray of brightness and hope, goodness is like the fragrance of strong perfume which spreads all around.

Don't wait for your turns to do deeds of gesture, life is too unpredictable to wait for!!!! Invest in every moment of your life to make it a memorable one. It truly gives you immense pleasure, when your deeds bring a smile to faces around, which is much more than the wealth you earn in your life. Life will surely end one day, but the purity of the soul remains forever.

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