Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win



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Births and rebirths are only for humanity, eternity in attaining spiritual liberty is only for enlightened personality.

Good deeds keep in abeyance, the mundane existence, hence striving for spiritual liberation is ultimate solution.

Keeping away the experiences of prosperity,adversity with no consistency, suspended in vulnerability,

Unaware the secrecy of austerity,spirituality to gain an access to divinity to be in the realm of eternity.

Calamity brings animosity towards the Almighty for not heeding to prevailing predicament and constantly pointing to fate as redemption.

I do believe in fate that falls on those however they act, but I do not believe in fate that falls on those, until they act.

Sufferings tend to breed worries, which are like rocking chair, keeps you always busy, but leads you no where.

Why allow worry to always worry us?

Why can’t we take the battle into enemy’s land and worry the worry that comes to worry us?

Wasting precious time,energy on suicidal, unintelligent worry is an act of stupidity.

Humanity is in dark, unaware of the natures enigmatic act, searching for content with the God’s intent.

“Aagatham swaagatham kuriat,

Gacchantham nivaarnaye.”

What comes in, learn to welcome,

What goes out, learn to say goodbye.

You will be free from tension, anxiety, misgivings, anticipation, frustration, disappointment and despondency.

We prevail upon God, to show us the path, to lead the life free

From wrath due to wrong deeds in the past and get rid us the cycles of births and deaths.

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