July Ends: A Sestina

July Ends: A Sestina

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October ends,

I have seen thousands die,

They weren't killed,

They wished for death in July,

God complied,

Some gravestones, I see nearby.

A church nearby,

Echoing prayers for no undesirable ends,

Life pretends, seems complied,

Alas! Life fades with the wish to die,

Thousands wish for deaths in July,

They die, never killed.

Someday, I wished to be killed,

There was a cliff nearby,

I stood there crying in July,

Months end,

I am dying to die,

Why didn't life comply?

Pretending to comply,

Life never killed,

Rendered reasons not to die,

I wish to jump off the cliff nearby,

With a desire to end,

If not now, then after July.

Long back finished July,

My wish still not complied,

Life's reasoning never ends,

It wishes not to be killed,

Standing on the cliff nearby,

Am I really meant to die?

Alas! I wished to die,

Since the dark month of July,

None like visiting the cemetery nearby,

To death, they did not wish to comply,

Mom would never want me to be killed,

Dad would collapse seeing it end, all end.

July and October long back ended,

Life wished not to be killed, I had to comply,

Life celebrated, for death not nearby.

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