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It Feels Good

It Feels Good

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You must fancy me as your blood- lusted fiend,

A ravager with no end in sight,

Whose tales don't form a part of bedtime stories because the kids would shiver and cry!

But how about we look at this from a different eye?

Before I gouge them off your face, that is.

You see, human life is tainted with grief, with regret, with burden.

And I'm just reprieving you of it.

In a world that weighs you down, I'm trying to help you fly.

It's just a trade: Your head, for a pair of wings.

It's not the grim reaper who scares you, but the uncertainty of his arrival.

I do this because I don't want you to don that anxious mood.

And also because- it feels good.


Last week, I purchased a sword. I named that sword- "Kindness".

And then I killed people with kindness.

But I'd rather disassociate myself with the antagonists you adore so much 

Yes- my coat stores a revolver, but it's not inspired by the Joker

I hate Jason X because he's hideous; and a chainsaw in public would render me conspicuous.

I don't leave trails, I don't create a scene, I don't wanna end up like Andy Dufresne.

Unlike them, we lack sentiment. 

Like the stains on your pickaxe, they should be cleansed before the start of a new day.

I don't have an emotional arc reactor plated onto my chest that would flare up to justify my transgressions.

I just do it because- it feels good.


As a child, I'd love having pillow fights with my brother.

20 years down the lane, as I use it to silence my gunshot; 

Or suffocate him as he starts to flail- the excitement levels don't seem to change!

I also had this morbid obsession with jigsaw puzzles.

Bits and pieces lying on the floor

Like the slivers of a shattered glass jar that fell from the maiden's hand,

As she felt her life flash in front of her temple.

Do you remember collecting those pieces?

Frantically searching for them, letting your imagination take flight?

Well, let's make one out of your corpse tonight.

I wanna kill you tonight.

Because- it feels good.


They say that the only time you feel truly alive, is when you're in love.

Well, clearly that did not apply to my girlfriend.

Or that's what I thought; when I found her entwined in the arms of another man.

I was old fashioned that way, writing letters to her when I missed her.

Who would've expected the last one to be inked in red.

You'd think I drowned into an abysmal sorrow,

But somehow- it felt good!


So now that you know my story,

You also know why I have tied you up to this chair.

I'll make it quick, and painless; so you can let down your hair.

The Vikings were pretty casual about death, offering their lives to please their gods.

They would term their paroxysmal behaviour as a "sacrifice" to Odin and Thor.

And you've lived enough of this life, so what's the hesitation for?

Let me strike the anvil, Valhalla is waiting for you.

I feel really good about this, what about you?

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