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Venkatesh R



Venkatesh R




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Dear diary,

Let's discuss a complex subject, today.

She shares her soul and bears the pain for giving birth is it, love?

He works day and night by bearing the unsaid responsibility and pain for the comfort of his family is it love?

They stand by their friends and get thrashed by knowing is it love?

He bore the sin and accepted the nails and cross is it love?

The tree bears the fruit and feeds the other life is it love?

The child crossing the road shares the food to the need is it love?

Where all we're busy in social media, she is busy in social work is it, love?

When everyone ignored him, he adopted him and he expresses his love by licking him is it love?

When everyone dreams to lead, he preferred to be a bachelor by providing wings of fire is it, love?

Where everyone looked to make money, they preferred to make a business to make India strong is it, love?

If love gets spread evenly and lives in the life cycle, empathy gets preference over comfort and there won't be any poverty and search for a God.

Love doesn't need a relationship and it's not a business. Love is all around us, strengthen it by spreading without expectation.

Even infinity tends to zero when there is no loop and when there is a reciprocation zero tends to be infinity.

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