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I Am The Real Me. I Am What No-One Else Has Ever Been & Can’t Ever Be.

I Am Emperor & Not Just King. I Am Truth Fighter & Whole World Is My Ring.

I Never Give-Up. I Keep My Head-Up & Be My-Self Even When I Am Fed-Up.

I Do Not Lose. Justice Equality & Freedom Of All Is What I Aim For & Choose.

I Have Defeated Depression. I Have Experienced Suppression & Oppression.

I Always Bounce Back. If I Fall I Rise Much Higher & Get Life Back On Track.

I Am Here To Give. I Feel Peace & Joy In Sharing More Than What I Receive.

I Stand Firm Even If Alone. I Keep My Past Behind & Forget All What Is Gone.

I Try To Be Nice. I Am Very Happy As I Think Value + Talk Sense + Act Wise.

I Rectify When Wrong. I Admit All My Flaws To Improve + Be Better & Strong.

I Am Dreamer Of Tough Goal. I Am Aware & Focus On Upliftment Of My Soul.

I Know Where To Go. “I” Is Fake Ego. At End I Will Leave “I” & Forever Forgo.

I Am B’coz You Are. I Express My Gratitude & Thank All For Healing My Scar.

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