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Hurry up! before its gone. Grab the BESTSELLERS now.



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People Are Duffers.

Few Humans Are Controlling Our Planet & All Lives Suffer.

It Is Time To Be Tougher.

Life Is Running Like Broken Hanged Internet Buffer.

We Pay Tax & We Give Vote.

Our Gov’t Enslave Us All To Make Money Note.

Barter Is Better Than Currency.

All I See Is Violence Homeless & No Vacancy.

We Live In Self-Destructive & Ignorant Society.

Where Is Your GOD Almighty?

Religion Can’t Save Future.

We Will Have To Change & Turn Back To Nature.

Tolerance Is Not Virtue But Escape.

Act Responsible, Be Real & Not Fake.

Logic & Reason Say Right Vs. Wrong.

Let’s Fight Evil & Unite To Get Strong.

Only You Can Free Your-Self From Trap.

No More Drama & Cut All The Crap.

Don’t Only Wish It Let’s Be It.

Don’t Just Dream It But Let’s Work & Achieve It.

Be Peaceful Warrior.

We Have Been Through A Lot & We Are Brave Survivor.

Please See Around There Is So Much Pain.

Kindly Don’t Let Your Life Go In-Vain.

Last But NOT The Least.

Win Liberation Of Your Soul & Defeat Desire's Beast!

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