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We Learn So Much From Facebook.

We Aren’t Taught All That By Text-Book.

People Share Their Ideas & Views.

It Is More Useful Than Any Kind Of News.

Our Posts Get Like Comment Share.

People Support & Show That They Care.

Facebook Has Made World Small.

It Has Brought Us Together By Chat & Call.

Facebook Never Lets Us Be Lonely.

It’s Beneficial To Each & All Truly Really.

We Make Friends From Across The Globe.

It’s Like A Family & Blissful Abode.

Facebook Is Better Than Social Function.

It’s The Best Communication Junction.

We Get Love From People Who Are So Far.

It’s Pleasing Than Parties At The Bar.

Facebook Collects Memory.

It Adds Value & Serves Purpose If Used Cleverly.

Meaningful Posts Spread Awareness.

It Promotes Enlightenment & Kindness.

We All Are Grateful To All Facebook Friends.

It Has Set New Interaction Trend.

We All Will Be Together Till The End.

Let’s Help All & Join Each-Others Hand.

Let’s All Say “Thank You Dear Facebook”.

Let’s Be Real & Not A Fake Crook.

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