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Shikha Mishra



Shikha Mishra


Happy Birthday, Brother

Happy Birthday, Brother

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Birthdays are always special to celebrate

But it becomes more special when you celebrate the special day of someone like you.

You have been my pillar of strength, my support and my guide throughout

And you let me know no matter what happens, you'll always be there for me.

Life has blessed me to have a wonderful brother like you

You have never stopped to amaze me with your deep love for me

There have been times when the road got tough for me, and the vision got blurred

But you, my dear brother, became the guiding light for me to walk on that path.


You have always been more than a brother to me, a friend, a guide, mentor I could always look up to

I can't even imagine what my life would have been without you by my side.

Our childhood has so many great memories that we created together it still brings a smile to my face, with mere remembrance of that.

But it gives me more happiness and excitement for the new memories that we are yet to create.

Even our stupid fights, arguments that we had, now seems so silly to me

But now I realise that they have only made our bond stronger and deeper than I could ever imagine it could be.

Today, as I try to convey my feelings, what you are for me.

I struggle with words, as no amount of words could suffice what you mean to me.

On your special day, I wish may all your dreams come true, success follows you wherever you go.

May your life be filled with lots of love and happiness always.

Happy Birthday, Dear Brother.

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