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Paakhee Sehgal



Paakhee Sehgal




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Back in my childhood dreams Dancing, Enjoying, Laughing...

That big house of chocolate and creams,

Colorful memories, heart filing!!

Yummy desserts, .. my craving for them...

Helping granny and getting a penny.!!

Climbing trees for mangoes and guavas...

Then shaking off by the gardener.

Paper boats in rainfall °°

Icecream in summer °°

Sweet potatoes in autumn°°

Gajar ka halwa in winters°°

Yum... Yum...

Walking long roads with grandpa.

And asking him to pick me up back home!!

The hen that scared me.

That old village aunty that scared me!!

Running with friends;

Fighting with them on losing a game!

Then Mummy taking us home,

We crying and complaining!!

Filling tummies with mommy and daddy

Then a quiet sleep, while playing with mommy's hair and holding daddy's hand!

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