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Samuel Dsouza

Abstract Fantasy Thriller


Samuel Dsouza

Abstract Fantasy Thriller



2 mins 157 2 mins 157

Pain can be a motivator or destroyer; 

It can make you or break you; you are a liar

Nothing seems to go your way;

Check your status are teething in the success play

Every moment that goes by you; you have a count,

There is everything in focus, like a hawk circling around

Preparing for the right moment you make your stride

There is no holding back; when the head is below the tide

When the very air you breathe; makes you suffocate;

The things you can accomplish will make other aspirates

But you know your goals and milestone so clear

That whenever you close eyes; you already here

What you are about to do only your heart knows;

Now your mind is in control; then flowing to and fro;

Every minute is filled with a simple task in mind

It is always one step forward; two steps behind

Pain; Patience and perseverance are your only motto;

If there is no pain you are not growing, sought off

Malignant; life infested wound you just sit there

Get scars are part battle; you still not there

Sleep when you die; rest, when every muscle into, is fried;

Run if can or walk or crawl; keeping moving forward after all;

Don’t stand still with your gadget and whispering

Work on yourself first then just tinkering

When the time will come; you will have to pass

Breathe the final breath at last

All seems worthwhile; every moment adds up

You came empty in life, but you’re a fill cup when you die

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