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Suman Mishra



Suman Mishra




2 mins

CBSE registration day it was

Parents came to school for this cause

Still she was busy roaming in front of his class

He came with his parents

She was hiding behind

Little did she know why was he doing this

It was nearly a month he wasn't talking to her

No reply to calls, no reply to texts made her worry about

Several bad thoughts came to her mind

Still she was quite and hindering behind

She was doubt about there relationship

For it wasn't going that smoothly

Worrying Every time made her cry

Still she was okay for in love she was with an open eye

His parents went back and he was roaming around the ground

With enough courage

She went and asked

Why aren't you replying me ?

With much ego and attitude he replied

I am really busy. Would reply someday later

This broke her heart

For in love she was , didn't mean she was to suffer

People said he was playing with her

Little did her heart accept this

Waiting for months made her realise may be the people were true

Still her heart of hearts wasn't ready to accept it

He ignored her for months together

Still she was the one hoping like a feather

Things changed

And a drastic side of him was revealed

It was the day when the real truth was spoken

By his friends and lastly by him

Which was the deadly


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