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Charu Vashishtha Gulati 

An architect by education, software engineer by profession and writer by choice.

2099: A New Dawn

Fantasy Inspirational

She stretched a little, and as soon as she got up, the upper part of the bed split into two. These "splits" turned 90 degrees

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Life Goes In A Circle


"All of the people who ever succeeded," declared Mahesh "had a story, a story of hardships. Iti do you have a story?".

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Tell Me You Are Mine

Drama Romance

Meera considered herself lucky to have bagged the job. She loved writing software codes

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The Grindstone Astrologer

Children Inspirational

Be proud of your capability , believe in yourself but never forego your common sense in face of adversity, attack or anxiety.

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The Last Confession


I could have made some small talk with her like about her favorite author or something.

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The Lost Meera


She had a funny feeling as she listened to the teacher eulogize her at the school podium...

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