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Aswin Madhu  

Polyglot, Biotech PG Student, Ardent Blogger, Wannabe Novelist, Binge-Watcher

  Literary Colonel

The Brothers

Drama Fantasy Action

Ontoya was scared now. What Njubwe had said was right. They were not real brothers. Their fate entangled them to be like brothers. Both Ontoya & Njubwe were the last surviving "Pure" members of the Zuoh Tribe that originated in North Africa. All the other members were either "Impure" or dead, which removed them from the tribe altogether.

6    41.1K 672

The Stalker

Inspirational Thriller

A story from the eyes of the stalker which infolds unexpectedly. But was he a stalker after all?

6    27.6K 442

The Jog

Horror Thriller Tragedy

When Rose rekindled her old joys of being a family with her mother, does she get everything she wanted? Or does the fate have something else for her?

9    26.6K 515