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Chirasree Bose   Editor

Writer and Blogger at Sreeblogs ( A fiction writer at Storymirror and Juggernaut. An author of many untold stories.

That Deserted House

Horror Thriller

Suddenly you feel those pair of eyes on you again. You stand there, still and stumped. Who are they?

3    8.1K 97

Did I Love A Bad Girl?

Drama Fantasy

A thought provoking story about different yardsticks and gender bias of the society

10    25.4K 209

An Ideal Wife


A wonderful story depicting one sided of expectations in husband-wife relationships

2    16.6K 150

On The Last Train

Drama Fantasy Horror

a gripping tale of drama and horror

2    1.8K 167

Beauty And The...

Crime Drama Tragedy

How were the scars on my face still so prominent? Would they never heal? Not in this lifetime?

2    1.6K 158



And at midnight, I still walk down to that bus stop...

2    27.0K 158

A Hell Lot Of Love!

Horror Thriller

A story of love and deceit, and a hint of the paranormal..

3    18.0K 262

A Lonely Princess


I was never told a fairy tale. I was 8 when I first asked mother what a fairy tale was...

2    17.7K 196

You Need A Magic Wand


Does it do real magic?

3    18.8K 250

You There?


The yearning for his love was buried somewhere far beneath the layers of fear, despise and suffering. I couldn't wish him.

1    2.1K 242

At The Horizon

Fantasy Others

The line should've been there. To keep me grounded. To make me feel real. Wanted. Loved. And to dare me to dream again

2    10.0K 309

...Vanilla Cake Got 300 Likes


How a daughter realized the worth of intimately interacting with her mother...

2    9.8K 275

Journey Over The Bridge


Story of an author's compassion for a patient, he notices suffering..

1    10.0K 246

I Got Locked Away

Drama Inspirational

I don’t know about love but a part of your soul dies every time a relationship, so dear to your heart, fails...

3    10.4K 227

Have You Seen My Sister?


The author wakes up from coma after an accident and starts asking for her sister..

8    19.7K 181

At The Yellow River


Some moments in life cannot be relived again; nor can we go back to them. ..

2    10.3K 268

Thirteen And A Half Letters

Drama Tragedy

It’s my 21st Birthday. After all these years, this day feels a lot different. Something is missing. Or rather, someone.

11    20.0K 251

That Yellow Umbrella


A story of a woman's motherhood, which transcends the boundary of blood relation..

3    19.5K 210

An Awakening

Abstract Fantasy

This story tells us about the subconscious mind. Dreams and desires are present there and it’s up to us to choose or ignore.

9    19.4K 215

A White Rose and An Illusion..

Fantasy Romance

It is a beautiful story about how a person keeps waiting for someone's love but that someone takes us as a choice.

3    19.0K 199

It Stopped Raining


I opened my eyes to a life that was about to embrace me with a bright ray of light. But I knew I was going to miss the rain..

2    10.1K 210

Maybe In Another Life


Each day that you leave behind gets painted on the canvas of your memories...

2    10.2K 259

A Poem For You...


A short story about the love and hate relationship between a regular couple.

2    10.3K 202

Let Her Go


She ran around the house, helpless and frightened....

2    10.1K 201

Not The Girl Next Door


A story about varying viewpoints of 2 generations..

3    10.0K 278

One Last Time


A story about the inner feelings of the wife of a martyr..

2    10.1K 262

The Loner And A Cup Of Tea


A story about how loneliness can be embraced..

2    20.3K 282

An Ounce of Me


An innocent love story filled with nostalgia..

2    10.1K 250

Three Knives and A Love Story


They say love is the most beautiful feeling ever experienced by one. Is it?

14    20.5K 231

Through A Bumpy Road


A woman's journey through a bumpy road!

2    10.4K 221

Wish Me Happy Birthday

Tragedy Inspirational

A short and compelling narrative of a woman dealing with loss and societal stigma.

2    10.2K 268

Yes I Lie To You, Mom


Home is all these ineffable moments that your heart carries wherever you go.

3    10.2K 254

An Old School Love Story


Story of a teenage romance, which was smothered at its birth...

3    19.8K 258

The Girl with a Purple Flower


A story of a guy falling in love with a girl, about whom there's something he doesn't know..

3    9.6K 236

I Eloped From Love


Life sometimes takes us on different roads, where we lose our partners and its hard to come back together

2    10.2K 285

The Mirror


They say abandoned houses recount their past in the darkness of night – at the wee hours...

1    10.5K 243

A Beautiful Lie


Thoughts of a woman, staring at a couple on the other side of a balcony..

2    10.3K 217

Find Me


A murder... An investigation ... and a missing dead body..

2    10.7K 340

গৌরী - কিছু না বলা কথা...


আমাকে আমার মত থাকতে দাও,আমি নিজেকে নিজের মত গুছিয়ে নিয়েছি,যেটা ছিলনা ছিলনা সেটা না পাওয়াই থাক,সব পেলে নষ্ট জীবন

4    9.7K 150

মিষ্টি প্রেমের নোনতা গল্প

Romance Comedy

একটু লজ্জা পেয়ে হেসে বললাম - ''ভিজবি আমার সাথে?''

7    9.0K 103