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Divya Mirchandani   Editor

Divya has been serving the content industry for more than a decade. Post graduated in English Literature and Interior Decoration, creativity seems to come naturally to her. She is presently working as Editorial Head with Storymirror. She has a rich experience of travelling a lot of places in India and abroad. In past, she has worked with some reputed U.S. and U.K. Organizations where she delivered content… alongside handling editorial aspect. She has been putting down articles, blog posts and product descriptions for over several years now. She has served reputed online marketing firms, travel industry, interiors, education institutes and health & beauty management organizations to name a few out of her vivid experience. Her articles have been published in reputed newspapers, portals and digital world. As passionate writer, Divya believes that life is beautiful, and so relishes life each day. ‘Experience’ is her teacher and ‘Sunshine’ her inspiration! A proud mom of two kids, she says, life shows her a new perspective each day. And the passion continues to flow- with reading & writing being most favorite hobbies…. read more

Taste Of Salty Coffee...It'S Sweet!


Love is the most beautiful thing to happen in which even the most difficult things become easy. Fall in love because even a salted coffee will taste sweet!

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Monumental Contribution Of Mr. Harakhchand Sawla Who Serves The Cancer Patients


Serving humanity is the best contribution one can do.

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My Meeting With God


Remember, no one knows what God looks like. But there certainly are people who are ‘god-sent’ just to heal you, to comfort you and to give you happiness. What you need to do is understand who they are and accept them in your life to feel the eternal bliss.   

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Give Your Hundred Percent


If one doesn’t gives a hundred percent in a relationship he/she will always doubt on the other person’s contribution. Give your cent percent not for anything but for the FAITH that they have in you,

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Control Over Temper


You gain nothing but only lose if you do not know how to control your anger. It leaves a scar...a mark...a hole in someone’s heart and they can never feel the same for you what they did before they experienced your anger.

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Keep The Faith


God is there to take care of everything. Just keep the faith.

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Mere Talking And Listening To Someone May Change Their State Of Mind


Just a few good words and gesture will make a big difference to even a stranger.

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Prem Ganapathy-A Self Made Man


There is no stopping if you intend to...even if you are penniless, you can achieve every thing you wish for...just keep your attitude right. 

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Sam Worthington’S Ladder Of Success


Be yourself, Love yourself...Come What May

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Forest Man Of India-Jadav Payeng


Save trees, plant more and let Nature sustain cause that is how WE can survive. Contribute by planting as much as you can.

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“The Change Starts Within Each One Of Us”- Craig Kielburger


The change must start from within each one of us because each one can make a BIG difference.

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Felix Baumgartner- First Human To Jump From Stratosphere


In Felix Baumgartner words: “ It goes to show there are still challenges to overcome and you should never lose sight of trying to achieve them.” 

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Robert Kuok: Story Of An Office Boy Who Reached The Pinnacle Of Success


Determination and perseverance with the right attitude is a sure ladder to success. 

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Journey Of A Daily Wage Laborer To A Ceo


Life doesn't comes easy, but  “Possible lies within the word Impossible”.

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The Living Legend-Sindhutai Sapkal


Never...never...never give up... because life is to LIVE, MAKE... and if possible do GOOD to others. 

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A Fighter Who Won Over Himself


Do not lament over momentary and conflicting things. We need to get inspired not fuss around.

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Meet The Epitome Of Resilience And Endurance


This is a story of a woman’s strong determination, resilience, perseverance, relentless endurance and most importantly her will power to not give-up at any cost. It is about her never-die-spirit that finally made her the winner. There is, indeed, no substitute for perseverance .  

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Satyabrata Dam- The Most Adventurous Man Of The World


Lessons to learn: Follow your dreams and don’t just love them, be passionate about them...Success is sure to reach out to you.  

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How An Insult Became A Motivation?


Lessons to learn: Never hold false standards of measurement for others. It proves detrimental. And ultimately you underestimate your own intelligence.

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The Brooklyn Bridge – A Tale Of Indomitable Spirit


Chase your dream...and you can create history.

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A Palace That Was Made Single Handedly By A Postman


Your own hands and sheer inspiration along with imagination is enough to create your own palace. 

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Faith That Moved The Mountain


Nothing but your own faith can help you achieve what you desire.

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The 'Other Side' Of The Problem


 There is always another way to solve a problem or tackle a situation. There always exists the ‘other side’ when we are in a trouble. All we need to do is take a look with a larger perspective, and the problem will become surprisingly small and very simple to resolve.

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Mind Your Words


Your words are like feathers that you could be collected rather easily but once spoken out they cannot be retrieved just like the feathers that have gone away with the wind.  Always mind your words.  

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Law Of Dumping The Garbage


He taught me that there are many people who move around full of garbage which is in the form of anger, frustration, deception, sham and disappointment. Eventually when this garbage gets stacked up, they require a place to dump it.  And sometimes it’s you where they think they can shed it off.  

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Life Has An Expiry Date...So Live, Love And Let Live.

Children Inspirational

Love the people who are a part of your life and accept them the way they are. Life is indeed too short to have any place for complaints. Remember, it has an expiry date. So live, love and let live!  

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Someone Who Understands


All we need in our lives is to have someone who understands us.

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Fair Value


 We always receive back in our lives what we give to others.  Whether in terms of money, honesty or behaviour, life returns back to us just the way we have delivered.

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Why Cocoon For A Butterfly?


Struggles are God’s way to help us spread our wings of wisdom and live a happier life. 

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Know Thy Potential


The limitations/restrictions you face are only self-imposed. Do not under- estimate your own potential.  Let the education ‘lead’ you and not lay limitations.

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I Aspire For A Richer Life


I want to be a more helpful human being and be able to deliver more inspiration to others.  I wish to create more happiness, widen the span of truth, gain wisdom, spread love and make this world a better place to live in.

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Respond, Not React!


Always respond, not react because ‘Reactions’ are reflexive and instinctive, whereas ‘Responses’ are thoughtful and intellectual.

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The Worthy Coffee Beans


When time is at its worst, and the trails are sharp and steep, how do you react?   All of us are capable of becoming the aromatic coffee bean, all we need is patience, strength and capability of having faith in ourselves. When the times are hard, you must adjust yourself, understand the cause and try to handle/rectify it. This way you will be able to create an atmosphere that is harmonious to live in.”

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