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Prashant Dutta

There is a story. Everywhere.

  Literary Colonel

And He Died

Drama Action

Suddenly there was a gunshot, it was shot skyward, the collected cry of the birds as they took fligh...

4    21 0

Confession On Father’s Day

Children Stories Drama

A boy who grows up with a strict father is able to now understand and even misses his father's days ...

3    237 1

Life Of A Fugitive


Three months went by. I was now pulling rickshaw like a professional and so was Rakesh. We didn’t dr...

4    200 3

The Pleasure In Pain


The story shows the pain of pulling rickshaw to warn money is happiness

4    26 0

The Smell Of Freedom


Pulling a rickshaw isn’t that easy, I pushed the pedal, the rickshaw moved ahead but the handle woul...

3    189 1

The Village Rickshaw Tycoon

Children Stories Drama

The night stay in the railway station was agonizing. The onslaught by pesky mosquitoes would not let...

5    6 1

The bumpy ride to Rampur


The train stopped for hours in one of the stations, the passengers grew restless and then furious.

4    230 31

Smoke or cloud, or BOTH

Drama Tragedy

I saw with horror that people lay everywhere, a pool of blood flowed in the narrow path. I hid behin...

5    7 1

Rama's Dadagiri

Children Stories

The frog hopped and so did my brother. The unfortunate frog had drifted away and the nearest water b...

5    26 1

The Great Escape


It was wee hours and we had to be careful, the barking dogs could cause trouble so we walked instead...

4    26 1

Unexpected Prison Visitor

Drama Tragedy

I looked at him with askance. My mind was racing and was looking for clues.

4    117 2


Others Tragedy

This story shows how life is spent in prison. This also shows how a person is detached from the rest...

4    263 35

Shot. But Not Dead.

Crime Drama

I had no one to cry for me and I didn’t really have a great zeal to live, especially after the heart...

4    339 26

You Broke My Heart


Next day when I was to signal her where to meet, she didn’t come to the balcony. I waited the whole ...

3    128 3

Married Finally


“A delayed train is always delayed,” I overheard the words of wisdom from within the compartment...

7    355 29

The Grisly Side


You need to be ready; they will beat you but not kill you. Further, just like you, they also get cut...

3    250 39

The Brightest Star In The Sky

Drama Fantasy

Keeping his eyes open, gazing at the star filled sky, helped him to distract himself from her though...

2    124 5

Red Rose For You


This story is about Sharmaji who was a jovial person and before his marriage he wanted to gift roses...

5    132 7

The Girl In The Balcony

Drama Others

She called me, her voice was a faint one, she waved her hand towards me but I just couldn’t...

4    358 9

No Free Meals


This story is about a boy who roams around the city of Kalkatta. They gets into a political meeting ...

3    356 16

Is It All Over, My Love!

Drama Romance

Ayan was now getting convinced that his brief but beautiful love story has finally ended

4    315 50

Welcome To The GANG !!!

Crime Tragedy

A small boy is travelling to his friend's village and gets beaten up by local village boys.

4    390 47

Homeless. But Free.


Soon after the movie I was blessed with a new hobby. I started collecting the pictures of the movie ...

5    856 62

Don't Die, Please !!!


Sonam wiped her tears and put a brave face, she forced a smile on her face

3    639 94

The Mystery In Footpath Living


Our house stood between the wall of a shut factory and the railway track. The outer wall of the fact...

4    279 47

The Lonely Life Of Despair


I was miserable, sad, angry and melancholic. But no one cared....

5    691 51

Sweet Like "Rosogolla"


I am generally seen in the Girish Park area of North Kalkatta..

3    366 55

The Self Proclaimed Badshah


I think my father was looking at me as the one who would fulfill the dreams that he had once.

4    773 97

The World That Only Changes


“O..rickshaw wala chacha, will you take me home”

4    1.2K 81

The Jingling Rickshaw


The voice of my mother rang in my ears. I wake up with a start and realize that I was sleeping on th...

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