Blessings of my life

Blessings of my life

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In this modern era where parents pressurise their wards to achieve the title of "topper of the class" , my parents were strong enough to support my decision of not attending the school in class 10 from January.

The reason for my decision was "I am tired of being bullied by my fellow - classmates daily". Many people opposed my parents decision of supporting me.Some taunted that I won't be able to score good marks if I don't attend the school.Even the people who are very close to our family taunted us saying that I will not be able to fit in this society if I continue to be an introvert .Basically they labelled me as an anti-social person.

It is easy to preach. You have to step into the shoes of that person and have to undergo the mental pain before judging anyone.

My parents are teachers by proffesion. Due to their acquaintances with my teachers and me being the topper of my class,my teachers used to show special concern on me,the same thing every teacher would do if you are the topper of the class and if they have hopes on you that you will enlighten their school name. This can't be digested by my classmates and they started bullying me by not talking to me for days,isolating me out of the group and treat me as a stranger.

You are surrounded by 40 members who are laughing by joking on you, talking behind your back. If it happens with me today, I would have ignored them..because I am mature now. Back in 2014,I was an early teenager who is still childish and immature. The old Me couldn't able to stand their behaviour towards me.

During that phase, my parents stood like a rock beside me ignoring all the taunts from neighbours,closed ones.

They chose me over their relations and my father's childhood friendship with my school principal.

When my principal refused to support me, my father didn't hesitate to chose me over their age-old friendship.

Despite of all the mental stress I had went through, I managed to be the topper of my school...that too I scored second place in our district.If my parents were not supportive, I would not have succeeded.

The people who taunted us praised me over my success.

My parents made me strong enough to live my life for myself and based on my own terms and conditions.

Now I am a happy college going girl with a close friend circle of around 10 members.

Like I said, you have to step into the shoes of that person to understand him/her. After joining engineering,I tried to look things from my school friends perspective,and I realised they were right in their own place.

No matter how many times the teacher said all students are equal to him, if his words doesn't reflect in his actions, it will build hatred for the particular student he was praising among other students.

Not all teachers show partiality, but some definitely do.

I myself encountered such professors now in college and I had learnt to cope with my insecurities of not being a topper of our college, not being a pet student of my professors as well.

It do hurts when some professor degrade your skills because you had not scored above 90%.

My parents always taught me that marks are not criteria of one's knowledge.

I know what I am

Whatever I am today is because of my parents

They are a blessing to my life.

Someone said truth "Everything happens for a reason and we have to remember the lesson learnt from it and should move on in life"

This is a page in the book of my life ..

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