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A Glimpse Of Concern
A Glimpse Of Concern

© Vikram Aggarwal


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There was an old man, aged about 40 years and was financially very weak, he was home servant of a very big business tycoon, but since his salary was not enough he was making both ends meet with a lot of difficulty and survived by two children and wife.

It was a experience with him which changed his attitude of thinking about his Boss/landlord.

He always thought his boss was very rude to him because every day when his car comes at home he open the door for him and wished him but his boss never reply him and go straight way giving strange expressions, this happens every day and servant was filled with lot of resentment for his boss for not replying to his wishes, it was just he is compelled to work as servant otherwise he could kill his boss for disgracing his wishes.

There were regular parties organized at his boss's home and ended with a lot of left overs, he used to pick that food to feed his family. He often go to backyard of kitchen to pick some leftovers from dustbin to feed his family, that was not enough but he was helpless, it was all what he could arrange for his family since all his salary was used for medicine of her wife who was patient of cancer.

One day when his boss saw him picking food from dustbin, he stared at his servant and in turn servant wished him but as usual boss went giving strange expressions. Next morning when again servant went to dustbin he saw a bag full of fruits and next day bag full of grocery and so on, now everyday servant started getting a bag full of goods which was more than enough for feeding his family, now servant was happy to have these goods regularly.

One day unexpectedly the boss died and next day there were no bags, suddenly he realizes his boss died and he is not getting bag of food he realized about the kindness of his boss but the impression was always in his mind that his boss was very proud.

Few days after when servant found that now again his family was not getting enough food he thought to talk to his boss wife for pay raise, when he reached to her he said, Mam I need a pay raise,' the lady was shocked and asked why you are asking for pay raise now why not when boss was alive, he made some excuses but finally told the truth that how his boss used to keep one bag full of groceries to feed his family and now when he was not alive how difficult it was for him to survive.

After hearing how kind his husband was, she started crying and said to servant that you are the 7th person to whom he was giving such bag full of groceries and raised servant's pay.

With passage of time the boss’s son grew up and like his father he also started putting a bag full of groceries at dustbin to feed servants family, one day servant identified that it’s his boss’s son. When his son came home he opened his car door and alike earlier he wished him but son didn’t replied and gone away giving strange expressions.

One day servant was very unrest that alike his father son is also very rude in terms of feeling with servant's and in proud they don’t reply them and he thought in mind that today I will shout loudly in front of boss’s son to make him compel to reply him.

Same thing happened boss’s son came back in evening and opened the door and servant shouted, “THANK YOU BOSS,” but from other side son replied, “Sorry I couldn't hear you what you said because I have hearing problem as my father had”.

Servant broken into pieces, cursed himself about the feeling he had for his boss in his heart and realized that boss was not replying just because he had hearing problem and not due to any arrogance.

If someone doesn’t reply to your wishes it doesn’t mean he is arrogant and don’t have feelings.

“Feelings never are shown and realized at the same moment.”

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