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The Turning Point Of My Life
The Turning Point Of My Life

© Pradanya Mordia

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Hi, it's me Pradanya Mordia living in stereo, no returning engagements, no encore and this time absolutely no requests, get a snack and settle in because I am about to tell you the story of my life...more specifically why my life had a turning point.

Being an old flame and habitual to my daily life routine, I headed towards the school where I entered taking all of my classmates' sentiments on me, but there is nothing to be amazed about because this remains the same. This all happened because ... one year ago I changed my class and was transferred to another section where everything was good except the behavioral act and the way my friends spoke to me. I know somewhere you all will find this extract to be a fake one but believe it is real not an imaginary story. To me this was irresistible. I had always been an average student and wasn't enough qualified in the eyes of my teachers.

A club of girls always had this feeling of jealousness from me whether it was in the corridor or at the mess. No matter how I cherished a right or privilege because I mind whatever I say to others otherwise how will my harmony differ from dregs, as I truly believe in that the tongue has no bones, but is stronger enough to break a heart. So we should be careful with what we say.

To my conclude, each person in every society feels that by these harsh talks somebody is letting him or her down and so they cannot be successful in their lives and take all these gross talks as their weak point but I took it as my strength where I found it to be successful.

The greatest achievement have I ever had, was visiting Stanford University, USA. During the Economics class; a teacher with a smile and enthusiasm walked into my class and said, "I am proud to announce that this letter is for Pradanya Mordia, given from the school authority and from the director of renowned Stanford University, who is been welcomed to spend a month at their University." And gave that letter to me. That letter to me at that time was a victory of self-discovery where I found another side of mine which can actually renovate my life towards the future. In the sense of belonging this day added a little glamour to my life where I surrendered my past and moved on to create a new story so that even I do something which is actually presentable in the eyes of society. So I promised myself that no matter what, but I will definitely achieve something or the others that other people do and will prove myself that even I can be like one.

Moving on, I have received thousands of mistakes… whether it is with studies or public speaking... but this all twisted so suddenly! That it made my busy schedule a desiring one; where anyone can enjoy each and every piece of their growth. I was been called on the stage in front of the whole school, teachers and above all my parents. School Principal called total 10 selective students out of which even my name was taken, I did not know how to react upon but a push from my mum and dad gave stability to go on. I started heading to the stage while each person sitting on the chairs started clapping for me, I couldn’t resist myself and felt like crying moreover those clapping meant like a compliment to me without words which was really a wonderful feeling for me. In addition to this honestly, I did not have any idea that for what I was been called but was sure that if the public is appreciating then this has to be a good thing…well, I was perfectly correct they took my name because I was selected by the director of Stanford University so that I can come to their place and experience their type of involvement and their surroundings too.

Hearing this it became my afternoon delight and probably a way to my new beginning. Furthermore, I answered saying that this all magic is happening all because of mum and dad who had always been the supporters of mine and they both smiled with a welcome sight.

Going to California, at the University and San Francisco made an independent and bold feeling inside me and made me eligible that anything wanted in life can be achieved. I attended multiple classes but the best was the leadership class, but the professor made it more interactive because she spoke about her accidents too in her life. Felt after listening to her story that somehow I am related to hers. She began to say that once she was a very introvert and extremely shy person who did not have a social personality and was unable to speak in front of such a huge amount of people but…. One day she started to forget it and worked on and there she is won 15 English debate competitions and also being a public motivation list. She made me think to what I am and to have faith to see the true and actual side of yourself. I found the beauty inside of me where now I was really not worried about going somewhere. I managed to pay my own bills, to fight for the right, to tell people that an ordinary can make up to the World’s Top 5 Universities.  

I came back to India and saw a completely drastic change in my life where people appreciated my efforts and my friends asking me for help in every subject and letting me share my journey too. There is so much to do in this World... it’ just a matter of time when you realize. So the most unbelievable and turning point for me till now in my life was to be changed from an average student to a practical and good student. So probably that is why I am able to write such stories because this platform has given me the opportunity to showcase of what I can do and hence even I am learning from this so one can say that keep trying and have faith in you like I did as characters cannot just be developed in ease and quiet, only through experience of trial and suffering can soul be strengthen, vision cleared and success achieved.. By this philosophy, I and my life changed.

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