You Are Impotent!

You Are Impotent!

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My mobile buzzed and the screen started glistening. I picked up the phone. “Hello.”

“Hi, Aman how are you? I am your friend Dev.”

“I am fine. What about you? Is everything going fine?”

“Yeah, of course. How is your job going on?”

“Job is going great buddy. You say... How come you phoned me today? There must be a special purpose and I don’t guess, I know.”

“Very intelligent Aman. You are right. I called you for a special purpose today... Hmm...”

“Okay. You can go on frankly.”

“Actually Aman, I heard you had got the divorce from your wife.”

“Yeah, it is true.”

“What was the reason?”

“Actually I don’t have as much money as she expected. My marriage was an arranged marriage. By mistake, my in-laws collected false information about my property. They thought I was a very rich guy. But the reality was otherwise. Had they asked me directly, I would have revealed my true property. But they tried to be over-clever and all went wrong.”

“Okay, so sad.”

“But why are you asking me?”

“Actually Aman, I know about a girl. She is in a very good job. She also suffered from marriage problems and finally, she had taken a divorce. Now her parents are looking for a groom for her.”

“Okay, means you are pointing towards me. You feel I may be a good groom for her. Hehe.”

“Yeah, why shouldn’t I! You are a really good person, Aman.”

“Thanks a lot for giving me such an honour Dev. May I know, why she have taken a divorce from her husband.”

“Actually Aman, her husband has a hormonal problem. In a nutshell, he is impotent.”


“So, would you like to see the girl for your remarriage?”

“Yeah, I would like to remarry, but not this girl.”

“Why? You haven’t even seen this girl. She is damn beautiful Aman.”

“No, no. I will never marry such a girl.”

“What do you mean by saying such a girl? You don’t even know her.”

“Dev, you know what? When I and my wife got separated, she told the whole world that I was impotent and therefore she wanted to divorce me. But all that was false accusations.”


“Nowadays, it has become very common for a girl to throw false accusations on a boy and divorce her. The actual reason is always very different than the reason shown to the world. It has become a harsh reality of our time. And the girl looking for her remarriage also seems to be of the same sort. Sorry Dev, I can’t marry her.”

“At least you can talk to her once.”

“No, I don’t need to talk to her. Suppose whatever she is saying is the reality. Even then she should at least give a little bit of respect to her husband and should not disclose her weakness to the whole world. She could have taken divorce even without throwing mud and mire on her husband’s face.”

The silence prevailed for a few minutes. Then without saying a single word to each other, we both hung up the phone. 

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