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I Don'T Know Why!
I Don'T Know Why!

© Ila Varma


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Why I wait for you
 I don't know
Your cool Smile made my day
I reciprocated to your Smiles
When I came close to you
I don't know!!!

A tingling on my mobile
Gathered my attention
With a hope that there would be
a short SMS or a call for me !!!

When I became We
I don't know
Your care made me Weak
I started knitting my dreams with you!!!

Your soft ways of Expression
sent tingling all over me
How & when You became my World
I don't know!!!

The confidence with which you held me
Made me more confident
I started yearning for all attention
And wished to go miles & miles
With you beside me!!!

In my pursuit of Happiness
Forgot that whom I cherished
Was not mine & can't be mine
But still I wait for you
I don't know Why!!!

Still I long for you
And, We can be Friends
Let the flame of Trust
Be Ignited Under Love & Care!!!

Let this bond Survive
Without A Name
Near The Stream Of 
Purity & Sanctity!!!

All are not Lucky
To receive what they Crave for
A Bit of Attention & Love
Can Bring Wonders In My Wonderland!!!

In Thy name of Friendship
I believe I can Ask for
A Token Of Acceptance
To Restore My Faith
In Myself & Thyself!!

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