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Mr. Ayan

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Dear old man

Dear old man

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You take the bull by the horns,

Reaching out to help, the old and the newborns,

Though you expect nothing, for the favor in return,

In return for the services, they make you bleed by thorns.

Not in reality, but words they spit,

Hurts too much, like a burning sensation.

Though you nurture them, you feed them, you give them hope,

 But in time to rail you, they utilize the scope.

Like a traitor, they try to mar your life, in mischievous ways, 

But helping those, makes you pluck the day.

But I know a person or two who do cares,

Who wants your pain and agony to bear.

They never forget what you have done,

Your legacy will be remembered even after you will be gone.

From the dusk till the dawn, all the deeds you have done.

I will never forget until my last breath.

I, your heir, your dearest one,

Will dog your footprints until death comes.

Though everyone will move on, looking forward.

 In my temple, your sculpture will always be worshiped before any other god.

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