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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Vasundhara Mahadik

Children Stories Inspirational Children


Vasundhara Mahadik

Children Stories Inspirational Children

Who's The Topper?

Who's The Topper?

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Chapter 1

Notebook marks 

No question that 6th A students were the most intelligent of all four divisions, but some special mentions were Neha and Mrunalini. Their Roll nos. were also consecutive, Mrunalini was 21 and Neha was 22

Mrunalini was the all-time topper of the class because her handwriting was like a group of pearls placed in a single oyster, she would get extra marks for her presentation. On the other hand, though Neha was in special mention of the class, she would lose marks for her handwriting. This was the exact reason why Neha would always find a chance to let Mrunalini down in front of the teachers, but Mrunalini had understood Neha very well and she wanted her to improve her handwriting.

One day, when Mrs. Rohini Reddy their science teacher was asking her students for their notebook marks that she had given them, "5 on 5 ma'am" said Mrunalini. Next was Neha, she hesitated for some time but after the teacher repeated her name twice "ma'am……...3…. point 5" she said. The students giggled. "Quiet everyone," said Radha, the class monitor. Neha felt very insulted. Mrunalini felt sorry for her and went to her place to console her, but as soon as she approached "I know you are the most intelligent in the class, please don't show off and give advice so GO!" Neha shooed her away. Ahna, the backbiter of the class said to Mrunalini "She's very rude and proud that she gets good marks, but she shouldn't be so proud because you only top the class every time." To this Mrunalini replied very smartly "Instead of telling others what they shouldn't do, tell yourself that you shouldn't backbite. Okay?"

Chapter 2

Another insult for Neha

The recess bell rang and Neha sighed with relief. As usual, during lunch, she sat with Mira and Ira, though not really, they both were called twin sisters because their names sounded similar and both were very good at arts. In studies, both were up to the mark. Mira was very emotional as for Ira she was straightforward.

Meera and Ira opened their tiffin-boxes and started their lunch, but Neha was seemed to be lost somewhere. Seeing Neha like this, Mira asked her, "What happened Neha? Are you feeling bad about your notebook marks?" "Hmm…." Replied Neha still staring at some undefined object. "Look at me Neha. Look here." Said Mira clicking her fingers in front of Neha's eyes to catch her attention. "Leave her alone. I think she doesn't want you to interrupt in her thoughts at this moment." Said Ira finally. Suddenly a loud creaking noise of the door caught everyone's attention. Surprisingly Neha also turned around to see who was there, he was Varun from 6th C, a very frankly speaking boy. Seeing these three girls sitting on the first bench, he asked them "Can you please lend me a science notebook? As Rohini miss wants it." Neha having her notebook right under her desk she gave to him. Varun flipped over the pages to check it and finally looked up, straight into Neha's eyes and said, "Rohini miss wants a notebook which is which has neat handwriting and I don't think so she expects such a notebook." "Okay, then please return it." Said Ira who already had a clear idea about Neha's feelings. Then Varun loudly announced in front of the class, "Can someone lend his or her science notebook with neat handwriting? As Rohini miss wants it." Everyone's eyes turned towards Mrunalini. Seeing everyone looking at her she took out her notebook and gave it to Varun. Once again, he flipped over the pages to check it and said, "Thanks, I will return it to you when school gets over as Rohini miss has the last two periods in our class." "Ok." Said Mrunalini nodding in agreement.

This was another insult for Neha.

Chapter 3

Plans of Neha 

The school got over and Mrunalini took her notebook back from Varun and made her way towards the exit gate of the school. Neha also approached her bus and sat on the first seat. When the bus started, she heard a conversation of probably two boys, one said to another, "Today was really a fun day at school because I stole all the comic books from my friend who was very proud of them. All the students used to praise him for his comic books and now they tease…. ha ha haa…." Hearing this an idea struck Neha's mind, she thought, "what if I do the same thing with Mrunalini?" "It will be such a pleasure to see Mrs. Reddy scolding Mrunalini." She said with a wicked smile on her face.

The next day, she frantically waited for Mrunalini's arrival but, as Mrunalini stayed a bit far to the school she used to come late as compared to all the students. The assembly bell rang. Everyone formed a line to attend the assembly on the school ground. Radha saw Neha sitting alone in the class so she asked her, "Neha, the assembly bell has rung and you are supposed to form a line like others then what are you doing here alone in the class?" Neha said stuttering, "M..m…... m…my…s…s…s…. the stomach is aching…. s…so….I…..I…..need some rest" Radha thought that she was trembling with the pain but the truth was that she was lying!

After sometime Mrunalini finally came, kept her bag in her place, and rushed to the school ground. As usual, the P.T. teacher started her floor duty by blowing her whistle to gather all the students. Neha got up from her place to enact her plan, and with every single step that she took, the noise of the whistle came closer and became louder. Neha blindly caught hold of a random book from Mrunalini's bag and quickly placed it in her own bag and sat down again holding her stomach to pretend as if she had a stomach ache. Eventually Rekha miss, the P.T. teacher knocked on the door and asked Neha, "Quicky get out of the class or else I will lock you up." "M….m….m....." "No explanations please! Quickly come out." Said Rekha miss cutting off Neha's deceptive sentence. Having no other choice, she came out of the class and went on the ground.

During a substitution period, Mrunalini went to Neha's place and said, "Neha, I have something for you, will you come to my place so that I can show you?" Neha got alarmed. She thought Mrunalini discovered that she stole her notebook. Her heart started beating faster. She was about to cry loudly when Mrunalini eventually reminded her, "Neha, are u coming with me?" "Uh?....N……Maybe…l..l...later," said Neha. "Ok, no problem." Said Mrunalini. "She never stuttered so much." She said to herself frowning. She noticed that something was wrong with Neha.

Neha was just waiting for the school to get over which in the fullness of the time got over.

Chapter 4

Neha's Decision

When she went home, she found that she hadn't stolen any of Mrunalini's classwork book, but a practice book instead. She opened it and on the first page of the book in beautiful and big handwriting was written –


She turned over the pages to see how hard Mrunalini had worked on her handwriting. Neha also saw some remarks at the top of every page which probably told that Mrunalini had improved her handwriting from worst to best! 

She realized how unknowingly she had started to compare herself with Mrunalini which nothing but stopped her improvement and she chose the path of non-ethicalness by stealing Mrunalini's notebook. "From today I will work hard on what I want to achieve and I will never steal anyone's belongings." Said Neha.

The next day during Science Mrs. Reddy announced, "Today is 6th October, from 20th October you will have your Half-Yearly Exams, so prepare well you have exactly two weeks. Earlier, I had informed you roughly that the exams will start in the first or second week of October so, I hope that you all have started your studies." "Yes, ma'am" replied the class in chorus. "This is a good chance I will work hard on my handwriting." Thought Neha. Two weeks passed in a flash of time. The first exam was in English. A very lengthy paper. Neha was a bit tensed. No, not at all because of a lack of studies but for her handwriting. She did quite well. In this way, in all the six subject exams, English, Science, Maths, Hindi, Sanskrit, and Marathi she did very well.

Chapter 5

Night stay at Mira's house

After the exam, they had a short vacation for three weeks. Neha asked her mother, "Mamma, can I go to Mira's house for a night stay? Ira is also going to come." "Yes, sure but during the night you have to sleep, I will call Mira's mother to confirm whether you all are in your beds or not." "Sure mamma, thank you."  

She packed her bag and went to Mira's house. They all had their breakfast together and sat down to play with Mira's dollhouse. Getting bored with barbies in the dollhouse, they started playing Monopoly, Neha was very good at fast calculations so she would sometimes fool Ira and Mira by renting them more, Eventually, Neha won who was only one with 1565 Monopoly (in this game the currency is also a monopoly.) Poor Mira and Ira, they both didn't have a single Monopoly! In the afternoon they watched Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone. Mira started crying when Lord Voldemort suddenly appeared on the back head of professor Quirrell. Eventually, the movie ended with loud claps and yes's by Mira, Ira, and Neha. They all chit-chatted till evening. Then Mira's mother called the girls for snacks. She had made delicious cheese grilled sandwiches. "Mm…..How tasty…" "And cheesy……" "And crispy," Said the three girls adding to one another's sentences. After eating to their heart's content, they started making jewelry from the jewelry set of Mira. The jewelry set had very colorful beads and the three girls were completely engrossed in making bracelets and necklaces. "oh!" said Neha "the beads have finished" "My stomach is also grumbling with hunger." Said Ira rubbing her stomach, who was a bit foodie. "Dinner is ready!" Said Mira's mother just in time. All three of them rushed to the dining table. Ira smacked her lips and exclaimed "Wow, What a meal! Paneer, Malai Kofta, Dal Tadka, Pulao and Naan, wow aunty you are a super chef!" "Thank you, dear." Said Mira's mother smiling with satisfaction. Everyone sat down to eat except Mira's mother who was checking her phone. "Mm…. Mm…" Ira was mumming with every morsel, this really irritated Mira and Neha, but couldn't say anything. Suddenly Mira's mother's phone rang. "Neha, your mother."

"Oh, they all are having a great time."

"Yes, I just served them dinner."




"Girls, have your dinner quickly and go to the bed"

All three of them finished their dinner and went to Mira's room to sleep Ira fell asleep as soon as she laid on the bed, but Mira and Neha were still awake. Neha tried to sleep when suddenly the thought that she stole Mrunalini's notebook struck her mind, she twisted and turned but couldn't sleep. She noticed that Mira was also awake. She gathered all her courage and said: "Mira, I want to tell you something." "Yes?" replied Mira eagerly. "You remember the day when I told you that my stomach was aching…... Actually, it wasn't, I was pretending." "What....and why?" Mira nearly screamed in disbelief. "Because I wanted to steal any of Mrunalini's class notebook because I couldn't withstand insults for my handwriting anymore. I know it was very wicked of me. But when reached home, I realized it was Mrunalini's handwriting practice book. She also earlier had really bad handwriting but she improved it. And this inspired me, I also decided to work hard on my handwriting and till exams, I could make it better." Surprisingly Mira was smiling "Though it was very wicked of you, it made you improve your handwriting. But remember, never to repeat this again and apologize to her on the report card day." Said Mira consoling her. Neha felt as if a great load had melted away after speaking with Mira, she immediately slept. Mira also slept. The next day everyone got ready to wave goodbye to each other. 


Chapter 6

Final chapter

Three weeks passed very swiftly and it was finally the report card day for the Half-yearly Exam. "Today I have to apologize and thank Mrunalini." Neha reminded herself of taking Mrunalini's notebook. "Come on Neha, time to leave." Said Neha's mother. Neha reached the school. But unusually she was not interested to see her report card, her attention was only at the door for Mrunalini's arrival. "Very good Neha, well done, your presentation has fetched you extra marks." This suddenly alarmed Neha and she took her paper in her hand to have a look. "This only because of Mrunalini mamma, she inspired me to work hard on my handwriting," Neha explained to her mother showing her Mrunalini's notebook. "How did you get her notebook?" asked her mother suspiciously. "…" She stammered realizing that she told the wrong person. "What? answer me." Her mother demanded. Fortunately, Mrunalini came and Neha taking advantage of this hurried towards her and said: "Mrunalini, I want to give you something to come with me in the corridor." They went into the corridor and Mrunalini asked impatiently "Yes? What do you want to give me?" Neha said nothing but stretched her hand to give Mrunalini her notebook which she was hiding behind her back. Mrunalini recognized her book and said, "I wanted to gift you this book on that day so that you could improve your handwriting, but then I realized that it was missing, first I thought that I forgot it at home but now I see it is with you." Neha's eyes filled with tears of shame and guilt and said sobbing "I am very sorry…mph…mph…." There was complete silence when finally, Neha wiped away her tears and said, "It is all because of you that I got extra marks for presentation thank you very much." She hugged Mrunalini tightly. There was a loud round of applause that was coming from Mrs. Reddy and all the parents who had come with their children for the report card day, they were secretly observing these two girls and who knew that Neha who always found a chance to let Mrunalini down was now thanking her and made Mrunalini her BEST FRIEND.

The next day Mrs. Reddy announced the topper, "The topper is…... Mrunalini" Neha got very disheartened. "Wait a second we have two toppers having same percentages and they are Mrunalini and……. Neha!" She said adding further. Neha's jaw dropped, she was very happy and she asked permission to tell how she had improved her handwriting, Mrs. Reddy allowed her, and Neha honestly told everything in front of the class and the class cheered in the chorus, "Three cheers for Neha and Mrunalini, hip hip hurrah! Hip hip hurrah! Hip hip hurrah!"


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