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When Toys Come Alive

When Toys Come Alive

10 mins

It was a fine evening in Indian town Rampur. The sky was partially cloudy and a cool breeze was blowing. The people were enjoying a pleasant evening. Children were playing in the parks and the streets. All of a sudden, the weather began to change. The cool breeze turned into a strong gust of wind. Black clouds began to cover the sky. The sun was set earlier than usual.

Babu, son of a rich farmer Premlal, was playing in the backyard of his farmhouse. He was a ten years old boy. The farmhouse was located on the outskirts of the town.


Seeing the worsening weather condition, his mother called him in. He went in unwillingly.

He began to play with his toys in his room. He was fond of toys and he had many toys which he used to keep in a cupboard. Out in the sky, it was lightning and thundering. And it began raining. Hearing the pattering, he ran to the window and began to look up in the sky. It was getting dark outside due to clouds and rain. All of a sudden, the electricity was out. In the dark, he saw a disk of white color in the sky. The disc was coming down towards the farmhouse. He took a fancy to the disc and he ran out of the house to observe it. Coming out, he saw the bright white disc was hovering above his house. He was surprised to see this disc. 


"What the hell are you doing out in the rain?" his mother yelled, seeing him standing in the rain.


 He replied, "Nothing mom." and went into his mother and said, "mom, there is a bright thing hovering above the house."  


His mother ignored it by saying, "Don't talk nonsense and go straight to your room and change your clothes."  

He had to go to change his wet clothes. The electricity was still out. He had to do his homework in the dim light of a lamp. By nine o'clock his father, too, came home. They had their dinner together. After dinner, he went to his room. The electricity was still out. It was still drizzling outside. He began to read a comic book. in the dim light. Soon he felt sleepy and fell asleep. It was a deep sleep with a sweet dream. All of a sudden with an ear-piercing thundering, he awoke and found the room filled with white light. He felt something strange in the atmosphere. All of a sudden, the sounds of knocking began to come from the cupboard where he used to put his toys. He thought that there might be mice in the cupboard. As soon as he opened the door of the cupboard, all the toys began to jump out of the cupboard. A toy soldier, a toy monkey, a toy elephant, a toy bear, and a beautiful doll. Before he could understand what is happening, all the toys began to run here and there making noise. Toy monkeys were chattering. The bear was dancing. The toy elephant was trumpeting and the doll began to sing a song sitting on the table. The toy soldier was marching on the floor. The volume of sound produced by these toys was according to their size. He was amazed by seeing these alive toys.


Soon his surprise turned into curiosity and he asked himself a question "What the hell happened to these toys? 

How did they come alive?"

Hearing his questions, the toy soldier replied, "Someone from the sky made us alive. Someone from the sky gave the power to speak, walk, and do various other things as you human do."

Babu said with surprise, "really."

The soldier replied with full confidence, "Yes."

Babu questioned, "But how?"

"You are too young to understand how we are behaving like living things," the soldier replied. 

So far Babu got so amused and fascinated by these living toys that he left thinking about how these toys become living. He said to the toys, "Let's play." And they played for a long time till morning.

By the morning, the weather became clear. Babu was happy with his living toys.

"Impossible. You might have dreams last night. A toy can never be living," argued Babu's best friend John in the school when Babu told him about what happened. 

Babu said, "It was not a dream, it is a reality. I will show you my living toys today evening. Come with me to my home in the evening." 


After school, they reached home. When Babu opened the cupboard, no toy jumped out of the cupboard, no toy spoke even a single word. All were motionless just like other normal toys.

Babu asked with surprise, "What the hell happened to your toys? Why don't you move?"

He waited for the answer from the toys but he got no answer. 

John laughed and said, "Are you gone mad!" "you are talking to toys!"

John picked a toy and said, "These toys have no mechanical arrangement to make them talk or walk." 

Babu argued, "But my own eyes saw them walking. I talked to them."

John said, "You talked to the toys in a dream, not in the real. Forget that dream."

 Babu was surprised at the toy's behavior. 

When John took leave of him, the toy soldier came to Babu and said, "Listen to me, promise me that you will not tell anybody about us. If people come to know about us, they would destroy us."

Babu didn't want to lose his toys.

Babu had to make a promise to toys that he would not tell anybody about them.

Dr. Anjali was a so-called scientist who was working on a project for searching for aliens' life. She was sent to Rampur in search of the aliens. Her detectors were indicating the presence of the aliens in the area around the farmhouse of Babu. She searched all the areas except the farmhouse but found no alien. Her devices couldn't be wrong. She decided to enter the farmhouse.

Anjali said to her assistant Monika, "The aliens are hiding in that farmhouse. So let us meet the owner of the farmhouse."

"What the hell are aliens doing hiding in that farmhouse?" Her assistant Monika said.

"I don't know. Aliens can harm those who live in the farmhouse," Anjali said.

It was a fine evening. Babu was playing in the backyard of the farmhouse when Anjli along with Monika knocked at the door. Babu's mother opened the door. Anjali gave her introduction to her and requested her permission to search the house for aliens.

Anjali seemed suspicious of Babu's mother. She didn't allow her to search the farmhouse saying, "I don't believe in the existence of aliens." 

Saying so she shut the door. 

Anjali decided to keep an eye on the farmhouse. 

Two days had passed since Anjali had been keeping an eye on the farmhouse but she found no alien but Anjali was still getting signals from the farmhouse. She decided to break into the house. That moonless midnight, she entered the house via a window. In the dark of the house, she along with her assistant began the search operation. Her alien detection device took her to the Babu's room. She whispered into Monika's ears, "Aliens are in this room."

She and Monika were shaking with fear and excitement. That night Babu had forgotten to bolt the door of his room. She pushed open the door with her trembling hands. But to her surprise, she found nothing in the room except Babu who was sleeping. Her alien detection device still giving signals of the presence of aliens. 


Monika said, "Perhaps our detector has gone out of order."


Anjali took out another device. This device was also giving the signals of the presence of aliens. She looked around the room carefully and her eyes fell on the cupboard. She moved to the cupboard carefully and opened it and found toys inside. She looked at the toys for some moments and then she bought out one another device from her bag and began to test the toys with this device.

As soon as she took the toy soldier in her hand for testing, she got a strong electric shock. With this electric shock, the soldiers set himself free from her hands and began to run away. And all other toys, too, coming alive and began to run away. One of the toy monkeys bit Monika on her leg and she began to scream with fear and pain. The screams from Monika made Babu awaken and seeing two strangers in the room, he began to scream in fear. Hearing the screams from Babu's room, his parents awoke and rushed to see what happened to him. On the way to Babu's room, they saw the toys running. The strangest event in their life. Seeing alive toys running, Babu's mother began to scream in fear. His father got confused and stopped. He looked at these toys for a moment or two and then rushed to Babu. 

He hardly moved forward a step or two, he saw Anjali and Monika getting out of the Babu's room. He immediately began to shout "Thief, thief. catch them." And he rushed to catch them.

Babu's mother recognized Anjali at once and cried, "You, this time, have broken into our home. What are you doing in our home? I will not leave you alive."

Anjali cried, "We are not thieves. We are scientists. Catch those toys."

Saying so, she pushed Premlal aside and run behind the toys. Premlal ran behind them to catch them. Babu's mother ran to Babu to see him.

When Anjali, Monika, and Premlal reached the living-room, they found all the toys sitting on the sofa set. 

All of them were utterly surprised to see alive toys. 

Premlal shouts with surprise, "How can a toy move like a living thing!"

Anjali shouted with excitement, "Because these toys have some alien connections."

The toy soldier said, "You are right. These toys have an alien connection."

Anjali said to the toy soldier, "Explain it in detail."

Just then Babu's mother came in the living-room and proceeded to Anjli to catch her. Premlal was a cool and wise man. He stopped her from attacking Anjali. He gave them time to explain the matter.

Then the toy soldiers jump off the sofa. It began to shine with white light. After a few moments, a bright white bubble came out of the toy soldier. The bubble was now floating in the air. 

All were utterly surprised to see the very strange thing from another world. 

The bubble said in robotic sound, "we are technically very advanced devices created by an alien species who lives on a planet named Ramas in the neighboring galaxy.

"What the hell you are doing here," Anjali asked.

The bubble replied, "We have been sent on a mission to find out and study the life in other planets. After a long travel in the deep space, we found your planet earth." 

Anjali inquired, "Why and how did you come into these toys and made them alive."

The bubble said, "We want to observe the life of humans on the earth and to perform some scientific experiments. We need a safe place to hide. After landing in this area, we found this farmhouse a beautiful place. We enter this house through its walls. By chance, we found these beautiful toys. Being fascinated with these toys, we decided to stay in these toys."

He further said, "We enjoy the company given by Babu. We like the earth's planet."

Premlal asked, "What is your future plan?"

The bubble said, "We will move somewhere else on the earth and we will carry out some other experiments and collect information about the earth on there, and then we will set out for the discoveries of some other live worlds."

Saying so, the bubble got silent for a few moments and then said, "We don't want you to tell anybody about us and keep our memories in your minds. So we have to erase some parts of your memories. So please, look at me.

Before they could understand that what will happen next and could do anything, the bubble cast beams of green light toward them. Their eyes got blinds for some moments. And before they could recover, the bubble had disappeared. 

Being recovered from the blindness, Anjali said to Monika with a great surprise, "Where are we? How did we reach here? What are we doing here?"

Monika, too, was confused and surprised. She said, "I don't know."

And Premlal and his wife being recovered found two strange women before them. They took these two women for thieves. They began shouting and trying to catch these women. Babu who was not present at scene and was in his room at that time found his toys nowhere in the morning. 


The next day, there was news in the newspaper that two women thieves were caught red-handed in the Premlal's farmhouse.

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