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Disha Mangal



Disha Mangal


Ultimate Mischief Destination

Ultimate Mischief Destination

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Mighty Gates

Here I step down from my van in front of my favourite place, school. Oh! how much I love my school. It is just so much fun. From being disciplined child in front of the CCTV camera to standing on the tables and shouting. I love every part of this magical place and here I stand with my friend Nadi who comes with me in my van. Really I must say we two are the craziest person about songs in the world. We are just so fond of them. From the 90’s retro songs to pop English songs we are crazy about every song. So here we pick up our bags and walk into the mighty gates of our school crooning softly the song Faded by Alan Walker. That song is one of the best I have ever heard and I recommended to all to hear it because it has something which is worth praising. Slowly and gradually we climb the stairs along with making mash ups of different songs till we reached the second floor and it feels like we have climbed some Mount Everest which is a million kilometers high.

After reaching the second floor we part our ways towards our classrooms. We bid a nice goodbye to each other and go to our classrooms.

As soon as I enter my class I am greeted with my peer group. Let me introduce all of them to you. In our class there are two groups one is of students who have 2nd language as Turkish and others who have Spanish. The Turkish group is very studious and disciplined whereas the spanish group is naughty and talented more in co- scholastic and I belong to the Spanish group. We are a group of ten students out of which 4 are girls: Samidha, Monika, Tusharika and me.

Other are the 6 boys: Harsh, Krishna, Sid, Jashan,Ashutosh and Shubh.

Samidha is a nightangle for us with a plump body and smiling face, she is sporty kind of girl with a lot of dancing stuffed in her.

Monika is a master basketball player who doesn’t shy wearing shorts.She is a wild character with blunt hair which has different shades.

Tusharika is our prank master and most funny person in the world.Her smile is priceless and her personality is such that her silence arises more laughter than her speech.

Harsh can be described as a football kind of structure with too much oil in his hair and brand new specs on his nose because he broke his previous one yesterday while he was having pillow fight with his sibling.

Jashan is a gentlemen looking guy who is difficult to argue with in English because of his great knowledge in English.

Krishna is an easy going boy always fidgeting with his pen in one hand and the other in his pocket with a reebok watch on his wrist.

Sid is our schools basketball team captain.A sporty person whose hair I adore.

Ashutosh is a bespectacled boy who speaks less but when he does that,it is either too humorous or too shocking.

Shubh is another sportsperson who wish to get Olympic gold for atheletics for India.

After our bindass hi and hello I and Tusharika and Samidha go out to meet our other friends from the other section. I just love these 15 minutes of chit chat and here I have my one more group of my besties. We are 6 girls: Me, Samidha, Tusharika, Megha, Shanaya and Khushi

Megha is a girl with too long hair and a charm of her own.She is one of the person who cant see anybody sad.

Shanaya is a beautiful girl with her heart and mind always filled with canvases and colurs.

Khushi is a short girl who has a hard core dream of being a doctor.

We are a group of chatty friends who love each other’s company even for a nasty punishment.

We chat for 15- 20 minutes here and you will not belive that we cover every topic in these few minutes from politics to bollywood from funky nailpaint colours to our class managers new hairstyle and from the latest sports news to the administration of our school. We cover them all in just 15 minutes and as soon as we see our class teachers departing from the staff room we run to our classes.


“Namaskar Ma’am!” my class greets our class teacher Poorvi Ma’am as soon as she enters the class.

“Namaskar students, Sit down.” says she even after everybody is already seated.After taking our attendance our class moves to the assembly arena and we all groan as usual - “Ooooo.”

We hate the assembly and according to me it was a phenomenon where all the children of the school were collected and put under sun to get charred simultaneously the children are forced to sing pretty monotonous Bhajans. But whatever may happen, it is made sure they are charred and according to teachers we are not charred at all but are charged. According to them it is a holy phenomenon from where onwards we start are day with spiritual and positive vibes.

But whatever we may feel about the assembly, we have to attend it. So we make our queue outside our classrooms and start walking downstairs. Finally lining up ourselves after a lot of quarrel about who will stand in the front because standing in the front in the assembly means you are right under the principal’s nose. Soon our principal Miss. Priya arrives. I really like her charisma. She has a very unique aura and demenour which makes her stand out of other principals.

Even with very short hair ,there is a unique feminity about her.Even with a stern approach towards discipline, she has a granny’s heart inside.

The setting of the assembly is quite formal but through a different angle quit comical too.In the front is the stage with a blue carpet and two brown podiums.On the podiums lay two lonely dumb figures which can only produce sound with someone else’s help. Dont think too much they are the sleek and black mics.

To the right of the stage is the drum and a short student is its incharge.He is so short that we can’t even see his face when he stands behind the drum but his voice contradicts greatly to his physique.

On the left side is the synthesizer with our music teacher in charge.I can tell that even if you see her awake , you wont be able to figure out if she is awake or sleeping.Her eyes are almost closed every time.

Between the queues you can see the prefects on duty looking so stern as if CBI agents on duty.

Here you can also see all the teachers assembling and trying not to talk to each other and show as if they are doing some very professional work,and amazingly they are always successful.

After the principal’s arrival, The assembly starts with our holy vedic prayer and I ensure you that our school prayer is the most sophisticated and longest in the world. After the prayer we have our school pledge. I respect my school pledge a lot. It really gives me a feel of proudness to be a student of my school while saying my school pledge. After that we have a thought and news headline of the day. After that comes the teacher’s talk. I like this part of the assembly where teachers give us some moral values by story telling and I am very fond of stories. After the stories we have our principal Ma’am addressing us about some important and specific topics and then we have our national anthem.

And finally after closing of this phenomenon of assembly we are marched like a battalion back to our classes.

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