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Dyuti Chatterjee

Children Stories Drama

The Unconventional Mother

The Unconventional Mother

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"What, you want to adopt a child?" smirked the lady at the orphanage desk.

"To bring up another nuisance like her." scorned the other.

"Eh! you, leave. It's a place for gentlemen. You going or I shall call the police." warned the manager.

She left. It was the umpteenth time that she had been heckled and harassed, insulted and demeaned and all because of her sexuality.

She stopped and unable to bear the tremendous grief that she had been holding on to for so long, she wailed out --- "God, o God! Is it my fault that you made me this way? O, why didn't you make me a complete woman, with all her physical features too instead of only her soul?"

She sat down. After being abandoned by her father, she had always pined for a baby, a baby of her own, not biological, obviously that was not feasible but a baby whom she could call her own.

Days passed, months passed and even years too. Radha, so she called herself, a name still unknown to the world, went on getting humiliated every time. Some even threw stones at her. Calling names and manhandling were commonplace.

And then one day, she came across a little girl. Dirty and unwashed, she sat on the footpath abandoned, crying. The mother Radha surfaced once more.

" What's your name, beta?" she asked.

"Gargi...am 4 years old... Ma died. They sent me away." she informed. 

Taking her by her little hand, Radha went with Gargi to her home, only to find out that it was a red-light area. Gargi's mother had died last night from aids.

God at that moment as if looked down on the two. Radha found a daughter, and Gargi a mother. The two embarked on their new journey, a journey of hardships, battles, and turmoil, which was to meet an unprecedented success.

Years later, today Radha, stands out as a successful transgender mother of, and an equally successful activist for transgender rights. The battle that she had waged against society singlehandedly had witnessed the victory of a mother against a cruel society.


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