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Janki Hemani



Janki Hemani


The Secret of Happiness

The Secret of Happiness

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While struggling to meet our daily ends, we often forget the things that make us happy. We look for answers outside of us without realizing the truth lies within, and not outside. We go to temples, seek help, attend Satsang, and read books, yet we don't find the answers. Have you ever considered the fact that the problem is the mind that can't seem to settle anywhere?

I wrote this poem about the secret of happiness while introspecting the secret of happiness. If you agree with me, then follow me and like share and comment.

The poem reads as follows:

What is the secret ingredient of happiness?

Loving someone with all your heart is all it takes to live a happy life,

Yet someone is complaining about their husband and someone is criticizing their wife,

We are so engrossed in fulfilling our selfish needs that we often forget the people who surround us,

Instead of comparisons and jealousy why can’t we focus on what we have,

We are complaining all day about stress, everyone seems to be dissatisfied with less,

People are ready to pay shrinks and spiritual gurus to buy happiness and peace,

Yet they struggle with the question of what will truly give their life meaning,

There is no secret that one can find in the outside world because money can’t buy contentment,

Pause for a moment and feel the fresh air, smell the flowers on your way from work to home,

Frown less, smile more, learn to find peace in yourself and you will never feel alone,

Stop looking for excuses to give up, stop blaming others for your situation,

Find joy in the things you do and accept responsibility for your own action,

There is no short cut to reach the destination of satisfaction,

You” are the secret ingredient to happiness, peace, and relaxation.

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