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The Magic Book

The Magic Book

2 mins

Boy ant (protagonist)

Boy ant (antagonist)

The magic book


Narrator: One day boy ant (protagonist) sitting at courtyard and feeling sad about his life and crying. At the same time goblin pass through his house and feel his emotions and decide to help him.

Goblin: why are you crying?

Boy ant (protagonist): I am a failure in my life.

Goblin decided to help him.

Goblin gives the boy ant (protagonist) a magic book and said.

Goblin: I give you this magic book and it helps you to full fill your wishes but remember at a time only one wish and after finishing your wish you go ahead for another one. The second thing is if someone find about this book, at the same time you lost your book and never get back again.

Boy ant ( protagonist) feeling happy.

Goblin: you have to write your wish in this book and in meantime, this book give you some task to full fill your wish. You have to do the same as mentioned in this book, otherwise, you can’t full fill your wish.

Boy ant (protagonist): thank you for your help.

Goblin disappear from there.

Within few years boy ant (protagonist) gets all things that he wants and become more successful in life and do the same task whatever the magic book give him and follow the book with honesty. But his friend boy ant (antagonist) gets jealous and trying to find out reason behind his success.

One day boy ant (antagonist) hide in boy ant (protagonist)’s room and trying to find out about boy ant (protagonist). He found this magic book and got all answer of his questions. In a meantime book disappears.

Boy ant (protagonist): searching for his book and can’t find it.

Suddenly goblin appears there and said.

Goblin: your magic book will no longer with you because someone knows about this.

Boy ant (protagonist): How can I full fill my wishes without the magic book?

Goblin: you can full fill your wishes without the magic book. The magic is not in that book, the real magic is in you. You have to faith in yourself not in that book. You can do whatever you want; just you have to believe in yourself.

Boy ant (protagonist) finds his destiny and gets the reason behind to be successful in life. His faith becomes more powerful in himself and realise his true power.

Boy ant (protagonist): thank you goblin for realise myself and now I am so powerful to full fill my dreams.

Goblin disappears from there.

The end.

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