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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Megna Yadlapalli

Action Drama Others


Megna Yadlapalli

Action Drama Others

The Last Click

The Last Click

5 mins 584 5 mins 584

"On my command, click!", the lieutenant sent a message to her fellow officers.

 I know you all must have read Anne Frank's diary, and I am surely not as good as her in writing down things. All that matters now is that all the future citizens of this world are aware of how their forefathers died. Trust me guys, it's a torturous death.

The war was 'inaugurated' by Mr. Ronald Grump, the President of the United States at that time. What hurts most is that the thing we thought would help us most, actually turned into a weapon to kill us all. Technology, that is! When I was six years old, I knew there would be another war, but I wasn't sure if I would be alive then. 

 Unfortunately, now, I may be the only source to help all future citizens.

 As I was saying, I thought the future war, in other words, World War III, would be fought with bombs. Perhaps, nuclear and atomic bombs. Maybe in the future, they have already made something more compelling. Anyway, these bombs are pretty deadly and can destroy a whole nation. But that's not what happened. The war started with a very violent, virtual attack, 'Hackision.' Keep in mind, by this time, technology made us as blind as bats, and we all worshipped it.

 Every morning, after my sister prayed, she would go and check if the Wi-Fi was stable and if all connections were protected. The situation was so critical that the homeless did not need clothes anymore. All they wanted was WI-FI. Posting of their current sickness was more important than curing it.

Back to the war, Hackision was as violent as a silent woman. This was the stage where all personal information was leaked out to the world and the form of death was suicide due to embarrassment. When my information was let out to the world, goosebumps filled my skin and time stopped ticking. Everything was silent and I couldn't feel the rays of the sun anymore. It took a lot of will power, as a teenage girl, to go past this stage and ignore all the rude comments. However, I didn't get many criticisms because Hackision struck everyone, and everyone would have rather stayed quiet then get attacked by others. 

We were hiding from Randolf Mitler. He wanted to kill our tribe because he believed we were a threat to him and the dark web. He was against all Africans, just like Hitler was against all Jews.

 The war started when the dark web started getting out of control. The dark web was as dark as it sounded. It was as petrifying as a hound of unleashed Baskerville. The situation was as precarious as a stormy night. The dark web was more robust than ever before and many of the world's most prominent influencers joined them. Numerous adolescents from Russia and Africa were being kidnapped and sold to feeble and barbarous people. The Dark web was sending its recruits to conduct this job. Human trafficking, to me, was more like a human invasion. Drugs were being sold flagrantly and Mr. Ronald Grump was more concerned about ' Make America great again!' Randolf Mitler was a devil in disguise, a monster, and he smelled like dead meat. He was also the reason behind the start of this war. His vicious thoughts spread to the world and caused great destruction.

Sometimes, I wish I was born in the 1900s. Yes, WW I and WW II happened during that time. However, I believe those wars were less dangerous than the one I am in right now.

 "Josephine, we have to move, the Russians are coming for us! Move, move, move!" the lieutenant said. Ok, bye guys, wish me luck, we are migrating to Norway!

The next morning was as agile as a gust of wind. The smell of the dead bodies around overwhelmed and nauseated me. I could feel the spirits crying out in regret and anger. I couldn't imagine my friend's situation back at camp. It was the first time I've made friends without relying on the internet. Real friends, the ones that cared about my existence. As night took over the sky, the stars shined and the moon waved gracefully. All was calm, and I was ready to power off for the day.

"Boom, Boom, crash!" sounds from people's phones, awakened me and I rushed to my brother Nicolas to make sure he was safe. All of our contacts and our only source to reach our relatives were deleted. Soon the night turned into a ravenous monster, ready to eat us all. The lieutenant soon cried out "WAR!" This was going to end once and for all.

"I think it's time we bite the bullets, it's time they tasted their own medicine," Nicolas said. I was astonished that these words were coming out of my little brother's, but I was confident and I knew he was right, and that we shouldn't hide anymore.

Despite my brother's wonderful advice, the Lieutenant disagreed and suggested we maintain peace.

Just then, Randolf Mitler arrived, he clicked a button and our hearts froze with fear. Nothing happened! Mitler laughed and wanted us to flee with him. It wasn't like him, and we were sure it was a trap. I was afraid of what the next minute would unfold. Turn's out Mitler wanted peace, and he was sorry for what he did. My mind was working as quickly as a core i18 laptop and I wanted all this to be true. 

"We don't have a choice do we?" Nicolas blurted out.

"Sure you do, I told you, I have changed!" Mitler replied.

 The lieutenant agreed, and we set foot and walked north for 60 miles. It was tiring and my feet were as tired as a turtle who had just run a race but had not given up. We finally reached our destination' Lake Ratiti.' We were promised security and an opportunity to start life all over again.

It sure did. 

Dear future citizens, Yes, I did not die due to the war and possibly due to old age or health problems. This was a short entry, sent to you in the hope of peace in the future. Please take care of yourselves.

Life is unpredictable and there are a lot of uncertainties. Sometimes, it gives us a second chance and some it does not!

Good luck fellas.

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