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The Las-age-En-counter

The Las-age-En-counter

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As I cut through the in-compact pile that displayed fresh hues of cream, bottle green, crimson-off-white and red, layered bottom to top in front of me, a sense of renewed enthusiasm filled my senses that kept me luring into the obvious expectation of what was to derive next. Just then the waiter brought the accompaniment to our main dish which let out a whiff that was simply irresistible and I thanked him with a smile!

My knife made a final abridge through the layers and I couldn’t wait anymore to succumb to the elation. As I scooped the first crumb into my mouth with my spoon, I felt the creamy ricotta cheese touch the upper part of my palate followed by the mashed, finely sauteed spinach that was effortlessly spiced to the right proportion with a very little salt, petite amounts of mint paste and a dash of white pepper.

The tangy tomato sauce that concealed the aptly cooked off-white-colored strips only waited to decoy me further and I was not resisting even a bit of what was to ensue. As I rived the strip, it split into two halves pulling with it traces of the mush sideways to my cheeks finishing its task of making a piquant, yet, only passing bearing on my senses, paving way for the pulverized spicy vegetable base to surface itself.

I swallowed the first morsel throwing myself into the pleasure of that heavenly encounter while taking a brief bite of the butter-laden, muslin, side-bite that we had ordered which I had pertinently sprinkled with some chilli flakes and oregano. I closed my eyes to completely devour the experience with the meticulousness of a musician who tries to make sense of the notes in the mind’s eye. When I opened my eyes, the minty flavor from the spinach layer was all that remained on my taste buds with only a slight heat of the red paprika that was in fact used in ample proportion in the preparation of the vegetable base but did not make its presence felt; thanks to the mild velvety cheese and the able help from the juicy, semi-ripe tomatoes in the sauce.

What had started with the first portion of having that enticing recipe within me, quickly led into a succession of apparently unending indulgence. For almost seven minutes I did not even bother to look at my friend who was sitting on the opposite chair, busy checking her mobile as always. In that moment my world was focussed on the black, pan shaped, squarish, porcelain salver in front of me which had the tempting vegetable lasagne, intermittently deviating only at the black small oval dish in which the waiter had served the crispy garlic bread. It is true, good food can really make you happy at times!

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